Which marketing material architectural studios can create and give as a gift?


Hello everyone, 

I am a young architect starting my own studio based on the new software technologies in architecture. It will be more consultancy oriented and maybe have a startup vibe.

Considering that, I was thinking to create some marketing material and give it as a gift to current/new clients (other AEC companies). Because other businesses use this strategy, but I noticed it is very rare at architectural studios. I was thinking about office accessories, such as pens, notepads, coffee cups, pen holders, etc.

I would be very grateful to hear different opinions on this topic. Surely would not like to end up giving some cheap and bad looking stuff, but something useful that will make them remember my studio.

All advice is welcome. Thank you very much!

Aug 12, 22 3:05 pm

Great question, but I have no good suggestions.  I have an iffy one, though: an unusual, small-sized object replicating the firm logo in 3D that could serve as a paper weight.  Easy to leave out on a table top and be useful, with a visual that reminds folks of your business.  Probably too expensive for multiples, though.

Aug 12, 22 5:05 pm  · 
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Make sure your company graphics are really nice and perfected.  With those in place, then always stay on brand.  You will probably have to pay more in some instances to get things to be made using your exact company logo, fonts, and colors, but those details are really what makes or breaks this kind of stuff.  Also make sure the pens or whatever are good quality, your name on a junk item risks associating you with junk.

Aug 12, 22 5:10 pm  · 
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The only logo merch I ever kept from vendors/GCs/subs are: an architectural scale & a wine bottle opener

Aug 12, 22 5:18 pm  · 
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I still have my Gehry bottle opener from years ago.

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Aug 12, 22 7:37 pm  · 
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Thank you all for the responses, I really like them.

Yes, there is always a dilemma between beautiful custom made piece and the possibility to do mass production.

Maybe 3D printing could help. Very creative proposals. Thanks!

Aug 12, 22 6:29 pm  · 

3d printing is good for prototypes, but if you want quality you'll probably want to get a cast.

Aug 12, 22 9:57 pm  · 
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