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Hi people, 

I have been working for a single family house design for 3.5 years after college, and recently decided to switch my gear to larger building type.. how hard is this going to be in term of job application? I know how to use Revit, but just not in a office scenario. 

Jun 25, 22 11:08 pm

With job openings at an all-time high, this is the best time there ever will be to make the switch. 

Moving to a firm that does a mix of single family and other projects might be a really good first step.  Two things you will need to do are 1) make a proactive effort every day at the new job to learn how other building types are done (some independent study on your part of commercial codes, MEP systems and drawing sets may be helpful) and 2) over time, make sure your new employer makes good on any agreement to diversify your experience (i.e. not just assign you to single family jobs only).

Jun 26, 22 12:23 pm  · 
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Make the switch. Transfer to a bigger office (even if not the most prestigious) get the experience and then move on to the firm that's doing the work you really like. 

Jun 26, 22 2:47 pm  · 
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How large of a scale are you wanting to go?

You probably won't have any trouble entering a new company if they are looking for someone in a non-supervisory position (ie. you start out working on drawing sets under a design manager).

Consider looking into design/build firms. They tend to do industrial/commercial construction (factories and office buildings). Get in one that has in house architectural, MEP, civil and structural all in one on the design side and you'll find it easier to adjust having access to all that information. You can even go join the fun on site with the construction guys.

Jun 27, 22 1:14 am  · 
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I am thinking about something like ware malcomb

Jun 27, 22 11:15 am  · 

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