masters in different field into m.arch/phd...?


hey everyone,

i'm currently a masters student in the history of science, I expect to be finishing next Spring (2023) and will apply to phd programs this fall (2022). during my program I found my niche within architectural history and infrastructure studies and am planning to apply to phd programs in architecture and history. i did my undergrad in economics, but if i could go back, I would do it in architecture... are there any accredited programs that could accommodate a masters student? I know I can just do a masters, but I feel like that would be a serious time sink seeing as I am already doing a masters in the first place right now. I dont wanna be the guy with two masters... Too bad there are no accredited phd programs, except for a program at the university of hawaii but that sounds blegh. I am also interested in both how to be an architect and the theory/history/design of architecture...


Jan 19, 22 11:34 pm
Non Sequitur

want to be an architect? take an accredited M.arch. Not many other shortcuts. Phd is mostly for academic goals, not professional practice. Don’t be that guy with a grocery list of degrees but zero work experience fighting for internship gigs. 

Jan 20, 22 12:07 am  · 
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Like Non Sequitur said, there are no shortcuts. If you would like to get into architecture as a field and not as academic learning its history, then you would need to go through the same process.

It's either do the accredited masters or just stick to being an architectural historian.

Jan 22, 22 10:38 am  · 
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^ It is possible to do both, but you need both degree programs and related educations.

Jan 22, 22 2:47 pm  · 

Definitely, but OP does not seem to be willing to get a second masters, and you definitely need an accredited masters in architecture to pursue architecture unless he decides to be a graphic designer, visualiser or a CAD technician in an architectural firm.

Jan 23, 22 12:33 am  · 

Working in a country where accredited masters might be an option, but their undergrad is in economics. There's just no other way around it tbh. If he's unwilling to do a masters in architecture, he might still be able to be an architectural historian but this isn't exactly a sought-after position so employment might be an issue for him unless he's currently in a top university.

If he'd like to pursue the creative side of it, he could try being a graphic designer who does visualisations. If he'd like the technical side, he could do some CAD Technician courses on the side. He could also go into project management in construction if he'd like the whole contract/administration aspect. Needless to say, these are all far off from his degree in economics and postgrad in history so that definitely will be a huge problem, so he'd need to do internships at the very least.

Jan 23, 22 6:10 am  · 

If you think a second masters (2 years) is a serious time sink, talk to some doctoral students and recent PhD grads (4-5 years).  It can be totally worth it, depending on one's specific personal and professional goals.  But in the architecture field, the doc path is academic and not practice-oriented.

I'll reiterate: talk to people beyond a few brief thread posts on Archinect.  Look at programs you might consider, contact their admissions folks, ask for names of a few current students and recent grads, and reach out to them with your questions.  This is a research project; treat it that way.

Jan 22, 22 2:46 pm  · 
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You will also need to get licensed which takes time, effort, and money.

Jan 22, 22 3:05 pm  · 

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