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Posting on here to ask about different programs that offer summer studio courses for portfolio work! I am currently an undergraduate B.S. student looking for another project that can be added to my grad school portfolio when the time comes to compile it.

 I am aware of Sci-Arc's Making+Meaning summer studio, are there other schools that offer similar programs for undergraduate students to attend either in-person or virtually? Please let me know!

Dec 29, 21 8:27 pm

GSAPP Introduction to Architecture. I did it this past summer and loved it. 

Dec 30, 21 7:58 pm  · 

mOOO Intensive virtual design workshop 8-12 weeks 

Jan 13, 22 3:15 pm  · 

pick a design brief, weekly tutorials and software workshops, basically decentralised design units for those in your shoes. 

Jan 13, 22 3:17 pm  · 

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