How Long do you Wait to Find Another Job?

Hello Everyone,

I recently relocated from the midwest to the north pacific west. I love it here and the firm I work for, but I relocated to a smaller city that also does not have the best public transportation. Public transportation is important to me because I do not own a car and have not driven one in years. I want to move to a bigger city in my area with better transportation options, but I would need to find a job and preferably have it start next year in August when my lease is up. Is it too soon to start looking for a new job? If not, when would be the best time to look? 

Oct 22, 21 1:58 am

Jobs don't exactly follow a calendar. Unless it's an internship or a bigger company that has these musical chair positions always open. A place you're looking at now may not be considering later and maybe not for awhile if whatever position is filled. You gotta weigh that infrequent opportunity risk.

Fall is generally fine. With summer and kids out of school, not everyone is always around to make decisions. 

Oct 22, 21 2:14 am  · 

I would suggest you start looking now.  Finding a new firm to work with is normally about networking.  It may take time for you to find paths into the professional networks of larger cites.  

Good luck. 

Oct 22, 21 10:25 am  · 
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Seattle or Portland?

Oct 22, 21 10:55 am  · 

3 posts around the same subject and no replies...I think I’ll pass.

Oct 25, 21 2:33 am  · 

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