questions about job market of architecture in EU


so i wanted to ask how good or bad or stable is the job market of architecture in EU countries. and well i know its a little complicated issue but i wanted to get some answer overall on how is it in EU

like in my own country well its pretty bad and unstable. i wanted to know if anyone here from EU sees the job market good and stable enough in future to recommend someone like me to continue studying architecture. or maybe i should go and study other majors like medical stuff 

Jul 27, 21 6:02 am

As with other professions, architects' salaries vary by region, industry, and other factors such as age and experience. In Germany, it is more difficult to find work as an architect in large cities, in small provinces it is easier to find employment, but the level of income will also be lower. According to the Federal Chamber of Architects, the labor market for architects is overcrowded. At the moment, there is a tendency towards a decrease in the number of unemployed architects lately. Many professionals find jobs abroad, where a German diploma in architecture is highly regarded.
Architectural companies in Germany operate all over the world. Our company cooperates with organizations in Germany, France, Singapore, Japan and Australia, and the United States.
The profession of an architect is part of the engineering industry. Architects are as popular as German auto mechanics. The people of Germany respect architects and see them as a mixture of an artist and a mathematician, since designing a design requires imagination, and making calculations requires mathematical skills.

For other countries, it's hard for me to say because I didn't work there.

Jul 27, 21 8:15 am  · 

The EU is not a country...just don’t treat it as such and take it one country at a time.

Jul 28, 21 6:11 am  · 

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