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Can anyone please help me with this detail I drew? I don't know the correct way of drawing a concrete detail of this ~56' tall building? I would love to learn how to draw it correctly. This building has a lot of floor offsets that might bring complications to its construction.

Jul 17, 21 2:41 pm
Non Sequitur

galvanized sky hooks and triple laminated safety glass. Easy solution. 

Jul 17, 21 7:16 pm  · 
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When is your project due?  

Jul 19, 21 10:34 am  · 

I am fixing my project from school and go back to improve what i

Jul 19, 21 11:45 am  · 

Are you working in an office? If so it might be more productive to ask a colleague.

If not working in a firm then we'd need more information on the project - plans, more sections, ect to answer this question.  In truth it looks like you're going to nee to add columns or seriously increase the size of those floating horizontal bands.  They would probably need to function as beams with rigid, moment connections.  

As I said above this is just speculation as we need more information to actually understand what's going on in the building.  

Jul 19, 21 11:49 am  · 
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