Gensler: Internal transfer


Does anyone know if internal transfer to a different studio at big firms like Gensler/HOK are easy? 

Like transferring to a different office in another city or country. Let say you have been working at these companies for at least 8 months. 

Jun 13, 21 12:14 am
Non Sequitur

8 months? that’s not enough time to even learn how to work the coffee machine. 

Jun 13, 21 12:58 am  · 
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it can be done, but it's not automatic or easy. you need to have some skills that are in demand, and good relationships with the current and future teams. even then sometimes it doesn't work out.

i've known plenty colleagues who transferred between offices in a similar firm - but all had 3-4 years experience in the firm first, and some connection to bring them to the new location. I also had a few coworkers attempt to transfer and have the request denied because they weren't needed in the other office, or the timing wasn't good.

Jun 13, 21 1:24 am  · 

Yes, it is possible. Depending on the life situation and I suppose how confident in your abilities the studio is / if you have a principal vouch for you. Have seen many co-workers do this.

Jun 13, 21 10:25 am  · 

Every office is different and have their own dynamics give or take. There are a lot of variables, but 8 months in... you will be hard pressed for people to vouch for a transfer.

Jun 13, 21 10:56 am  · 

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