Salary check needed - major German city, junior designer


I've been working for 2 years at an office in Germany since finishing my Masters, and while the culture is great and work is steady, I'm having difficulty transitioning into other roles (I do almost purely arch vis) and am questioning my long term future. While that's going on, I figured a reality check on my salary (pre-taxed) would be helpful, since I'm still unfamiliar with the standards here, plus my yearly review's coming up. If any German or EU architects could weigh in I'd be massively grateful!

- I'm at €3,500/mo. pre-taxed (gross/brutto)

- 2 years out of school, hold a B.Arch (US) and a M.Sc. Arch (Germany) (< Germans only recognize the latter)

- mid-size office in a major, rich German city (one of the largest, but not Munich)

- currently purely tasked with Arch-vis, which I'm very good at

- I've been asking to switch to other technical but more involved tasks, and am already proficient with the relevant software (Revit, i.e. DD or CD redlines)

- little experience with project management and client facing roles (my German's still rough)

Jun 8, 21 3:22 pm

Jun 8, 21 3:23 pm  · 

From Archinect's crowd-sourced salary guide: 

Architecture salaries in Germany

Jun 8, 21 3:35 pm  · 

5 (!) weeks of vacation sounds lovely. I think I would get laughed out of the room if I asked for that.

Jun 8, 21 3:57 pm  · 
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After working at my first firm for nearly ten years I had 6 weeks of PTO. :)

Jun 8, 21 4:25 pm  · 

Yeesh, I think we're compensated pretty well but we top out at 3 weeks a year.

Jun 8, 21 4:37 pm  · 

Thanks, I checked those listings already but I wondered that might be inaccurate for me since I'm doing more viz work (less actual project phases). 

Plus that site bunches Germany together, besides Berlin which is already cheap, which lowers the avg salary.

Jun 8, 21 4:46 pm  · 

Well its unclear which city you are working in so its difficult to comment on your salary. But 3500 a month is decent for a recent grad in Berlin. If you want to be promoted or be able to learn more skills and get experience throughout all the LPH phases then you are going to have to switch jobs. I know people that were placed in the same role as you upon graduation and the only way out of it is to re-do your portfolio to fit another profile and apply to another office specifically stating you want exposure for all LPH phases plus ask for more money.

Jun 8, 21 5:07 pm  · 

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