Someone tell me whether I should go to Dal or UofT for architecture


So I've finished two years of a physics major In Alberta, and I've been accepted to UofT and Dal as a transfer student for their undergrads. Judging from my research, Dal seems like the better school for architecture (though I'm open to hearing opinions contrary to that). Plus, as a transfer student id be spending less time in school if I went to Dal.

So, easy decision right? 

The problem is, I'm not 100% set on being an architect. I have a passion for physics, specifically acoustics and I am very interested in working in acoustics, specifically architectural acoustics, hence why I applied to architecture school (there's nowhere in Canada you can study acoustics primarily as an undergrad aside from a generic physics degree as far as I can tell). I'm not sure if anyone on here can give me any advice relating to that particular field, but regardless, my logic behind going to architecture school despite wanting to do acoustics was a) its kind of too late for engineering school (well, too late meaning I don't really want to make that massive shift this late in the game), b) despite being a member physics major, I'm not sure if I actually want a physics degree. Anyway, upon talking to some acousticans, I was told that despite not being hell bent on being an architect, architecture school could be a good option for me as the skills I will learn there will transfer well into that kind of professional environment. Plus, more acousticans in the world need to have a mind for architecture. 

Anyway, back to my main concern: Dalhousie is the better school it seems, but while there I will. ONLY be studying architecture, whereas at UofT, despite not getting as good of an architecture education (and a relatively worthless Ba to boot), I would be able to major in physics (which I would probably do. What would you guys do in my situation? 

Keep in mind I'm not saying I have no intention of being an architect. I still want that to be a possibility for me. Lets just say my goal is to somehow be able to be in both worlds. I want my options to be more open than just straight architecture. Part of that is deciding later on whether to do a M. Arch OR a Msc in acoustics (probably in Europe or Australia somewhere as that's the only place you can do that). 

I don't know if that makes sense. I just have no idea which school to go to. Someone help. 

May 31, 21 1:04 am

Go to the school that offers you the most flexibility in terms of your degree. Do not go somewhere that will put you in a pigeon hole for something you are unsure of. Choose the school that fits your particular needs.  

May 31, 21 3:52 pm  · 

the good thing about dal is you'll get to see what architecture is all about and get a 4 month co-op term under your belt. by the time you finish the undergrad program you should have a pretty reasonable idea of if architecture is for you or not.

i forget which semester it was (maybe third semester?) but one semester everyone is asked to pick a technical issue and dive into it in depth with their studio project. acoustics is one of the options. you can also bring acoustics into every semester if that's something you're really interested in. a few of the current professors there would be quite into getting into discussions about that with you.

Jun 1, 21 9:00 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Dal by a fucking cubic light-year.  UofT is a last resort... their arch undergrad is a joke.  It's an expensive general arts degree that at best allows you to get into their 3y M.arch.

Jun 1, 21 9:10 pm  · 

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