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Hi guys, I recently got accepted at TU/e and Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in Netherlands. As well as KU Leuven in Belgium. I also applied to TU Berlin but they respond much later so I still don't know.

I'm hoping to get some advice on my decision between Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and KU Leuven/TU Berlin (assuming I get accepted). TU/e I can't afford because I got no scholarship there so I'm not considering it. 

Now when it comes to Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, KU Leuven or TU Berlin, I'm torn because they offer different experiences, esp AAA vs KUL/TUB.
At the Academy its a 4 year Msc. that is part-time, where you study and work at architecture firms, so you're gaining a masters plus work experience. Which I think will be really helpful in giving me a chance to integrate in the Dutch work force, since Im interested in continuing there. Their study program is also quite interesting. For context, I do also want to eventually get a PhD and become a professor since I am interested in academia just as much as practice. And with KU Leuven and TU Berlin its a two year Msc. KU Leuven is ranked 36 in architecture and TUB is ranked 22, with its masters of Architecture Typology ranked 11th. Out of KU Leuven and TU Berlin I'd pick the latter because Im much more interested in their program. So the question would fall between AAA vs TUB. 

So while ranking isnt everything TUB and KU Leuven standard and reputation is well known, and what concerns me is I havent seen many people discuss the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, and I was wondering if anyone could provide with any information regarding the standard and experience there.

Any other advice about picking between the two is also appreciated!

May 29, 21 9:19 am

The reason you don't see threads regarding the AA on here doesn't mean it's not a relevant institution. Beware that the part time delivery may have obvious cost / work experience benefits, but also involves significant drawbacks. Having returned to university after working in professional architecture practice I can't describe to you how grateful I am for the opportunity to do a full time Masters and invest all my time on improving myself. While I had the opportunity to do a part-time Masters myself under very good circumstances, I personally sensed that it wouldn't offer me the same long term benefits as a full-time one. It's a very complex and personal decision though. What kind of undergraduate education do you have? Also are you applying to TUB for Typology or regular MArch? 

May 29, 21 1:07 pm  · 

Yeah I see where you're coming from. I just recently graduated from a 5 year BArch. And I've only done 5 months of internship. So I guess I am drawn to gaining more work experience and thats why I see it as an advantage. But the point you're making about getting the most out of the academic program is very valid, and its what's making me hesitate. 
And for TUB I applied for the Typology program. Have you heard much about it?

May 30, 21 7:19 am  · 

No, I don't know much about the March T other than having seen the student work catalogue. I understand it's a very popular choice. The reason I asked about your prior education is because I have heard that the Academy's teaching structure is different than that of a traditional school and perhaps closer to the Beaux Arts model. So you have to make sure that your choice of school is also in line with your expectations about how a school should be. If you did a 5 year BArch and lack work experience I would suggest aiming to get licensed first. If yous goal is to practice in NL or EU perhaps the AAA choice can help you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

May 30, 21 2:58 pm  · 

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