Do you know cutting edge /avant-garde Architecture studios, 3d modeling studios or art installation studios, etc , in Europe, that I could propose a Young Erasmus Entrepreneurial Exchange inbetween me and them for a semester?

Niu DáVinci

Hi! I'm Niu from Lisbon, and I'm starting a new company, ArchiTech3 ,that is aiming to develop "Videoclippable" Spaces worthy of being shot in a futuristic videoclip or movie, with interior Design overall remodeling of a tall space trough the materialization of a custom 3D model made for the place, with all kinds of Hardware technology build onto this second walls and ceilings.It's dificult to describe but I have concrete visions about my first projects.Please be respectful, you can ask me questions privately.

To get a taste of my inspiration , surf my related pinterest folders.I'm trying to research around where Verner Panton Left with Visiona 2 Room and Maurice Agis' Dreamspace touches a little what I want to do, but not at all. Mostly I want to reshape a paralelipipedical place (almost every place I know) to be a sculptorical place of "workship" and wonder , from minimalistic parametric compositions with textures and color to complex compositions involving lots of elements.

I'm following the belief of Friedensreich Hundertwasser that said that straight lines kill creativity.

The spaces can be developed from any style, as long as it doesn't transfer a bad vibe to most.It can be inspired but not equal,more like fused and leveled up, from the research I have on my pinterest and others.

I'm on Young Erasmus Entreperneurs right now but I can't seem to find an avant garde studio that I would learn something from , but I can propose a relation to anybody.

Please make a list of the Most avant garde Arquitechture studios, Artists , art installation studios, 3D modeling studios, Large Scale 3Dprinting companies, CNC machinery companies related to art,Scenic Design Studios or Fab Lab like studios that You know of that I could learn something from them.They can be know or "underground" or starting.

The Areas involved in this new ArchiTechture are:


-Art installation-next gen interior/exterior design-3D Real Textures and finishings


-electrotecnical engineering

-Light Design-All Tech Hardware (Yup, not A.I. domotica, that's too much)- AR and VR aligned to spacial experience.

-Furniture Design-Scenic Design-Experience Design-Large Scale 3D printing and Large scale CNC robotical arm machinery cutting.

Thanks for reading,please only comment with a list of Studios* that I could exchange with.

Jan 11, 21 3:00 pm
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