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Met Sean Penn in a dark alley in New Orleans. He was drunk as fuck with some blonde girl. She was sober and guiding him the way. He just requested for our group not to make a scene. We took a bunch of pictures with him and he stumbled his merry way down the alley. 

Sep 5, 22 9:39 pm  · 
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LOL.  The drunkard asked you not to make a scene. Perfect!

Sep 5, 22 11:52 pm  · 

There’s a former soap opera actor who hangs out at the coffee shop across the street from my house but I honestly have no idea who he is. My husband knows who he is and talks to him regularly. 

Sep 8, 22 11:11 am  · 
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atelier nobody

I (very briefly) dated a former soap opera actress. At the time we were dating, she was doing the traffic reports on a talk radio station.

Sep 22, 22 8:30 pm  · 

Great stories guys! I had a chance to meet musician John Mayer. He was very personable and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me. I didn't have any "juicy" stories about celebrities, but this meeting I'll always remember)

Sep 9, 22 2:32 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

My Pretty Good House co-author and I were in Kansas City last week to present at a building science conference. One of the vendors took about a dozen of us out to a somewhat fancy restaurant one night, where we were the sole patrons on the small, private patio. Near the end of the evening, a small group shuffled out of the door the wait staff was using and went out the back gate of the patio. I was facing the door but wasn't paying attention to faces.

Our waitress came up to us after they left and apologized for being distracted; apparently it was Jeff Bezos, in town for a football game. 

I figured he would have private chefs or eat only at Michelin-rated places. 

Sep 21, 22 9:17 am  · 

i wrote this.  Bonnie Fraser from Stand Atlantic stood me up at the altar twice but now we're dating Miley Cyrus.

Sep 22, 22 4:58 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

You most certainly did not... and it's fucking idiotic garbage.

Sep 22, 22 6:23 pm  · 
atelier nobody

Not that long ago, I was driving in Hollywood (which I hatehateHATE and generally avoid doing). I was trying to make a left turn at an especially bad intersection, but one driver very kindly stopped to give me space, then held up his hand to stop me until traffic was clear on the other side before waving me through. As I passed the open driver's side window, I saw it was Denzel Washington.

(Anyone who has ever done anyone a good turn in Hollywood traffic is a saint as far as I'm concerned.)

Sep 22, 22 9:05 pm  · 
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Am curious which intersection. My guess is somewhere on Sunset and/or Highland.  Maybe La Brea.

Sep 23, 22 7:07 pm  · 

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