New Macbook M1 Processor?


Ok so those are my current specs, I'm really considering getting a new laptop because I've had this one for a while and it's on the fritz.  I posted a while back about Windows laptops recommendations but, I'm super hesitant to make that switch because of the hassle involved.  Does anyone have experience with the new macbooks with the all new M1 processors from Apple?  Can they do what you need them to do? (I'm a grad student and so far my main hurdle with my computer has been the graphics card and the kinda slow processor)  Tech is definitely not in my wheelhouse so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Nov 22, 20 7:28 pm

What do you intend to use the machine for?

Nov 23, 20 5:09 am  · 

Just checked with Autodesk, if you're using AutoCAD then don't upgrade, not yet compatible with M1 chips.

Nov 23, 20 5:31 am  · 

Yeah :( I was reading about all these compatibility issues with Rhino, AutoCAD etc.

Nov 23, 20 9:41 am  · 

If you own an Intel-based Mac, start saving up for a new machine!  Then start saving for all new software!    Planned obsolescence is a b*tch!

Thanks Apple!

Nov 23, 20 5:53 pm  · 

Macbooks are the best computers to use, in my opinion. They are easy to use, very practical, and just a great overall machine. But when it comes to repairs, I've been through a lot. My Macbook began to overheat in high school, and it would shut off randomly. I took it to an Apple store, where they told me they could fix it for $300 because they would have to replace the logic board. That seems like a lot of money just to replace one part! Anyway, I found an apple repairs Poole that fixed the problem for 100$.

Jun 22, 22 3:58 pm  · 

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