Back to School (experienced archs, what is your dream school + program?)


You've been toiling away in your career for 8-20+ years, learning, doing projects, growing in responsibility and experience. You get left an inheritance (maybe from uncle F.O.G.) with the stipulation that you have to spend it on higher education. 

Maybe you always wanted to study a specific topic or shift your career trajectory. Maybe you are just interested in how a certain subset of designers work. Maybe you are fed up with academic intelligentsia and want to try a totally different school somewhere else. Maybe you know of a program that just seems damn fun.

What school do you go to/ what program do you want to do?

Oct 20, 20 10:56 am

I'll go first -

Auburn Rural Studio. It looks like an amazing immersive experience working in an underserved part of the country. Would also be a good way to understand better the rural USA, their social and community needs, and maybe even politics, all while doing great socially relevant work.

Oct 20, 20 10:58 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

go full Alsop, maybe Alsop and a half.  Fine arts + painting + copious booze. then die overweight and happy.

Will Alsop painting a mural

Oct 20, 20 11:10 am  · 

"He went full Alsop"

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Never go full Alsop

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Woodwork. Maybe furniture or fine cabinetry.

Oct 20, 20 1:51 pm  · 

Rural Studio is also a good one. Since we're fantasizing I'd say I'd look for a specific architect to try to apprentice with, in an educational setting, rather than a specific program. Someone like Brian Mackay-Lyons or Tom Kundig.


Yeah, who's the modern Greene & Greene?


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