HVAC Design & Mathematics


I understand that HVAC Design is outside the traditional architect's scope. However, there are some universities that teach HVAC design within very technical architecture courses. 

I was just curious as to whether anyone here is familiar with HVAC design and what mathematical background is necessary in order to be able to develop this skill. 

Oct 11, 20 3:57 pm

we had a mechanical systems course as part of my b.arch degree which included general rules for system sizing. to be honest i've forgotten every bit of it because it's totally tangential to my career path and those of most architects. but the math was simple, basic algebra. real mep systems engineering (and the PE) requires a related engineering degree afik - it's not a self teachable skill.

Oct 12, 20 12:57 am  · 

I will echo what midlander said; basic algebra and an ability to to use tabulated data for the duct/distribution system.  It gets more complicated when you add system design, but that goes beyond an architects scope and falls on the mechanical designer to sort out.

Oct 12, 20 11:19 pm  · 

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