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With the advent of the BIM manager role relatively still new and the responsibilities evolving or even coalescing with the rest of the firm, I am curious to know who has ventured further or off another tangent? What sort of roles can be achieved after being a BIM manager? What were some rewarding paths that some of you took branching off of this role? For example I'm sure one could get more into construction/vdc management, become a software developer, work for a software company that specializes in a certain area, become a partner in firm possibly, etc...Has anyone made a change from BIM manager to...?

Oct 2, 20 7:16 am

Have you made a transition? I am a VDC coordinator at a construction firm and would love to hear what paths you've taken.

Sep 26, 22 12:29 pm  · 

Our BIM guy jumped ship to be the director of tech guy at another firm, since our tech director guy wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.  We're design and construction, and we have a VDC department too for the construction side.  With large enough companies performing multiple roles, your end of career target is basically CTO (technology) holding the same weight/salary/clout as other tertiary roles in the C-suite.  For most firms that aren't that size though, you'll just be Director of Tech and either manage a few people or be a one-person army

Sep 27, 22 4:54 pm  · 

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