Academic Certification or M. Arch?


Hi everyone, so I've kept researching abour studying and getting license in Canada, and I've found an option apart from the BEFA, RAIC Syllabus and studying a Master. It's called the Academic Certification ( / and I want to know if someone can share his experience with this process and if people following this path get hired.

Would you recommend me to follow this path and study a specialization or study an accredited M. arch? Because my main concern is to get an inside of the building codes and practices of Canada.

Now I'm considering a third option that is somehow in the middle I guess, taking the Academic Certification path and taking a post-professional M. Arch (like the one McGill is offering) that takes 1 year to get an iside of the building codes and practices. 

Thank you for your help!

Sep 16, 20 1:32 am
Non Sequitur

Foreign-trained path  has quite a few stipulations and is expensive with no guarantees.  First, you need a licensed in your home jurisdiction and several years of practice post acquisition of said license.  You also need minimum Canadian work experience.  Those are the first two steps. If you don’t have the first part, you’re shit out of luck. 

Please note that the building code is not thought in grad school. It is learned, over several years, while working in an office. School only covers the very basics. 

There are not shortcuts. 

Sep 16, 20 6:04 am  · 

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