Compensation on 1-hr consultation call

Hi! I was wondering if you had any input with regards to compensation on consulting calls.

In my specific case, I participated as a consultant on a project for a appliance company about appliances of the future, in which they interviewed me for 1 hour. They had 1hr calls with different professionals from architects to industrial designers and so on.

The company is compensating for my work but asked me what was my expectation.
This is the first time I do such a thing and would appreciate your opinion!

Thank you!
Sep 15, 20 5:22 pm
Non Sequitur

anywhere between a million freedom dollars and a case of beer. 

Sep 15, 20 5:54 pm  · 
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case of beer is fair, if its beer from a monastary.

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as a consultant, i'd assume your hourly rate would apply...but it seems like that horse has left the barn if you've already done the work with no agreement

if it's marketing for you, then chalk it up as overhead

if it's attached to a project, then it's billable to that client, no?

Sep 15, 20 5:54 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

I've often done marketing research surveys for free, but they never took a whole hour. If they're offering compensation, then charge your regular hourly rate.

Sep 15, 20 7:13 pm  · 
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I've always turned these types of things down. I don't recall what they've usually offered as far as compensation, but I think it was in the range of $50 visa gift card or something like that. I never felt it was sufficient compensation for my time.

If they're asking, give them your typical hourly rate as others have recommended. Let us know if they meet the request, or if they counter with something less.

Sep 15, 20 7:38 pm  · 
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They not going to pay you shit

Sep 15, 20 8:19 pm  · 

whatever your billable hourly is, not what you're paid.

Sep 15, 20 9:23 pm  · 
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ask them to make a donation in your name to a needy non-profit like Habitat for Humanity or NCARB

Sep 15, 20 9:26 pm  · 

That sparks an interesting thought. Ask them to pay for your AIA dues for next year.


Cheapest AIA state is around $500. Most expensive is +/- $900. I haven't done any of these research calls in years but I got a $75 gift card last time I did (it was about the size of gaps around bathroom stall doors). Good luck with the AIA dues.


Bill them what you make per hour times three. And don’t forget to include your prep time.

Sep 16, 20 1:05 am  · 

Free. Don't a fucking lawyer.

Sep 16, 20 12:31 pm  · 

Beer karma is the best, works for pretty much everyone from bike shops to welders.

Sep 16, 20 6:30 pm  · 

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