Unexpected issue when considering MArch at US schools.


I am an German architecture student currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in my home country.

I want to study abroad for my MArch and experience the pedagogy of an academic institution in the US. I am particularly drawn to Ivy league schools, like Harvard, Yale and Columbia. I also have a very high GPA and I am confident this will allow me admission to some good schools, however during my preliminary research an unexpected issue arose:

None of the schools I am interested in carries out their teaching in German.

This is a significant problem for me since I don't speak English as well and therefore I foresee that studying abroad in English could hinder my prospects of fully integrating within the academic studio culture of the said schools.

My plan was initially to study at TU Berlin, which offers a MSc in Space Design, however this program is unfortunately also offered in English, despite TU Berlin being a German school. Quite honestly, another downside to studying in this program is that despite my high GPA, I don't think I could make it as the competition is rather tough.

Does anyone know any good German speaking schools in the US? Any help would be much appreciated!

Sep 10, 20 4:07 pm

As far as I know, there isn't any in North America - you might be able to find groups of German students, but not instruction in Deutsch. 

Also, recommend not going to the US (expensive tuition) when you have quite inexpensive and good M.Archs in Germany... If you really want to study abroad, there's probably semester exchanges you can do. And if you have a great portfolio, it'll help you stand out with your GPA. Good luck!

Sep 10, 20 4:57 pm  · 

What you're looking for doesn't exist here. I know... it's not reciprocal considering a lot of European schools teach in english, sorry buddy.

But by your post your english seems more than adequate.

However, It's not uncommon for non-native english speakers to go to school here and learn as they go.

Good luck.

Sep 10, 20 5:05 pm  · 

Based on your grammar and vocab, you’ll do fine.

Sep 10, 20 6:00 pm  · 

I really enjoyed this post. Highlights the difficulties of those who have so many more fences to jump over to study in good schools where English is prioritised, for obvious reasons of course. It is unfortunate for you that the course at TU Berlin isn't in German.

I'm sure you're well aware of the ETH. While the education model is much different to those offered at US institutions, it is still very sophisticated. It is also consistently ranked as the highest European university, after Oxford and Cambridge. I would love to study there but my German isn't good enough. Good for you though! I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention, but this is probably since it requires German.

Sep 11, 20 6:16 am  · 
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I agree with Andó. ETH Zurich is one of, if not the highest ranked institution in Europe/the EU and most of their programs are in German. I think out of the Masters and MAS (Master in Advance Studies) Programs they are offering, only the MAS DFAB (Architecture and Digital Fabrication) is taught 100% in English. The rest are in German or part-German/part-English. In the past (don't know if until now), ETH Zurich also has exchange programs with Harvard (and vice versa). 



Also, you mentioned TU Berlin---one of the cooler schools in Germany and the EU---I've done a bit of research on this school and its programs and know only M-ARCH-T (Typology) and M-ARCH-Urban Design programs are taught in English. Their programs in the MSc Architecture (there is another separate program that's in German that applicants of Typology get mixed up) and similar programs like the MSc Scenography are in German.


Sep 11, 20 10:06 am  · 
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So annoying that American schools don’t offer their program in German, what a bunch of Germaphobes! ;-) 

Sep 11, 20 1:07 pm  · 
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