Basements in a seismic zone: push for research


Because Mach Supersonic shock waves are actually originating from the opposite of the locus and move IN towards the locus; like a insulator in a dc current, the higher current is on the side the electrons are not on to begin with.  If you have a basement, let's say an isolated one, you should have less energy (unless it travels under the building) on the locus side.  Probably, the code for california or whatever is all wrong.

Jul 2, 20 9:44 pm
Non Sequitur

You must be putting some therapist's kids through college.

Jul 2, 20 9:57 pm  · 
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I'm disappointed. I thought you'd be the one person who'd understand this.

Non Sequitur

Yes, I do understand seismic requirements for basements.


are you asking if the energy of seismic waves travel under the building?!? yes, they definitely do. 

also technically seismic waves (p waves) move at precisely the speed of sound within their medium (the subsurface of the earth) since sound waves are by definition shock waves within a material.

Jul 3, 20 6:50 am  · 

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