Future of architecture after a large number of people continue to work remotely


it’s not going to be most people, but I think a sizable percentage of the 1/3 of all workers in the US who are currently working from home/remotely are going to continue working from remotely after the pandemic has ended. What do you think this will mean for architecture, development, transportation, and cities?

Jun 2, 20 7:17 pm
Non Sequitur

I can’t wait to get back to my office. Likely will not be 100% back at once but productivity is far better in the office. 

Jun 2, 20 7:20 pm  · 
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This is not just about architecture firms. This has more to do with remote work in general - what workplaces will look like, how and where people will live if they don’t have to commute into the office all the time.

Non Sequitur

I'm pretty damn happy with separating home and office. I don't understand the live anywhere and work remotely fantasy.

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It means the industry will atrophy. Firms have not actually figured out how to work from home yet, they've just traded one thing for something worse.

Jun 2, 20 7:35 pm  · 
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The industry will atrophy? I think it will thrive.


The creative industries may be the first to go back to the office - computing power needs aside, I do think collaboration is better in person for certain situations. Consultants can be available remotely but its hard to imagine intensely creative sessions like charettes going on via Zoom.

Jun 2, 20 9:05 pm  · 

I'm actually going to add a WFH day, min. one (1) a week for the staff.  Maybe the middle of the week, thinking Tu/We/Th would be good options, have them alternate.  I'd been WFH one (1) day a week for years anyway out of my pretend office in the other state...

I pretty much let whoever is working on whatever project be creative as they like and then just do quick sit down crits, but generally speaking stay out of it. (we don't do superstar stuff and we do a lot of stuff, so rarely do I inject my design opinion unless somehow the project becomes dear to me) in that regard maybe people WFH will be more creative?  little more relaxed or whatever.

Jun 2, 20 9:44 pm  · 
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