Moving back to the US... but when?


As an American who‘s working in Germany for a year now after finishing grad school there, I‘ve been considering moving back home right about now.... until the pandemic obviously put that on hold. I‘m quite conflicted... I can‘t complain about my current situation, given the comparatively adequate government response here, social security net, currently being employed... on the other hand I‘m getting major homesickness right now. Plus, I‘ve always planned on returning to the US, and foreign work experience is pretty hard to translate over.

But anyway, given the situation, when should I plan on moving back when I can land a job, i.e. what are predictions the economy will be on the uptick again? Are architecture projects slow right now, with no hiring? Given I‘ll likely be returning to the west coast, likely the Bay Area or Pacific Northwest. Thanks for any feedback!

May 25, 20 4:10 pm

Are you fucking crazy to be even thinking of moving back to the US now? Id stay put in Germany for at least an year, if not more. The bloodbath in US firms has just started, and will extend late into this year.

May 25, 20 10:47 pm  · 
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James Bragg

Just to add to what sameolddoctor said, it's still a risk to move back to the US. There's no indication that the infections have peaked yet and the apparent mismanagement of the current administration does not seem to make things better.

In this climate you are unlikely to find work any time soon. I would second sameolddoctor's opinion and stay put for now, homesickness or not.

Jul 6, 20 11:07 am  · 

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