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Hi there. I'm a small firm owner and on the hunt for a software that can merge project management with time tracking / invoicing, and do both well. I've looked at what seems like endless options out there, and everything seems to do one really well. 

I've been using ArchiOffice for a few years now, and am used to its interface. I use it mostly for timekeeping, project budgets, invoicing, etc. It works well for the various contract types that I use, as I've been transitioning to fixed fees. It also tracks retainers.

For project management I've used ActiveCollab for the last year. I'm made it work, but feel like for just PM, there are stronger programs out there. 

I've spent some time looking at various options, but can't find the right link. I was sold on moving to Mavenlink, with a strong hybrid between the two needs, and even moves into resource allocation. Unfortunately they don't support fixed fees. I've looked at Proofhub which has a strong project management side, but it stops at invoicing and doesn't go into project financials. 

Anyone know of a good software that does both project invoicing and project financials - with fixed fees - well?

May 20, 20 4:19 pm

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Feb 17, 21 8:44 am  · 


I am stumbling upon this now, 2 years later.  Have you found a good solution?  Im in the market myself.  

Aug 17, 22 5:28 pm  · 

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