Random Building Generator?


Anybody know of any computational design programs where you can do SOMETHING like input area parameters (of planes) & total line lengths and it gives you the computed designs?

Apr 29, 20 3:58 pm
Non Sequitur

yeah, we've had those things for years.

Apr 29, 20 4:02 pm  · 
Chad Miller

They're called interns.

Apr 29, 20 4:19 pm  · 
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That’s what BIM is for. You just push a few buttons and boom an entire building pops out. Easy peezy
Apr 29, 20 4:15 pm  · 
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I wouldn't use any computational design program for that, think about the chem trails and 5G you're exposing yourself to! I do all my designing in a Faraday cage, hope that helps.

Apr 29, 20 4:40 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I use an energy pyramid and crystals. Works well for commercial projects.

Apr 29, 20 5:39 pm  · 
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shape grammars

Apr 29, 20 5:36 pm  · 

Galapagos for Grasshopper

Apr 29, 20 5:47 pm  · 

Bedtime for Bonzo

Apr 29, 20 5:49 pm  · 

for gaming this is quite common

see links, been around for years, Ghost Town lite.


now that codes cannot be copy written you can basically make automated software to build an entire city by zoning and then the building by code...

Apr 29, 20 6:16 pm  · 

Revit 2021 has a new generative design tool.

There was a 3Ds Max script which generated buildings with customisable appearance. Not sure if it's still functional.

City Engine can generate a random city but it's a very CPU intensive software.

Apr 29, 20 6:41 pm  · 

roll some dice

Aug 21, 20 4:52 pm  · 

Well this is depressing.

Aug 21, 20 6:32 pm  · 
Drawn in

Good weed, caffeine, a deadline, and a lack of sleep are the greatest inspirational tools there are.

Aug 21, 20 8:32 pm  · 
These are some good designs, actually the best collection I've ever seen

Aug 21, 20 10:44 pm  · 


Aug 23, 20 11:52 am  · 

What you're looking for is Houdini. It's used by the film and video game industries 

Aug 29, 20 4:27 am  · 

There is also CityEngine 

Aug 29, 20 4:40 am  · 
Sounds like you need to jump in grasshopper (or dynamo) and develop a script that can create the geometry......then you need to define and script in the parameters and feed that to galapagos. Be sure you develop some type of scoring system with this too so galapagos has feedback when its running its different combinations to find the best solution.

Then click run!
Aug 29, 20 7:54 am  · 

It's troublesome in math to concoct an irregular number generator. Truth be told, in the event that you sort it out there is most likely a grant for you at MIT, and the NSA could presumably utilize your administrations as a mathematician to assist them with secretive numerical calculations. In any case, we appear to have the option to discover arbitrary grouping in nature, in spite of the fact that we additionally see a great deal of balance and consistency from a probabilistic outlook. Consider the possibility that we were to combine this present reality with software engineering to create irregular numbers.

Mar 2, 21 9:39 am  · 

you can just tell/write it down to openAI (Elon Musk pet project) and it will give you a design...

Mar 2, 21 11:04 am  · 

When I worked in Video games at Rockstar, we had program, the CityGen tool, we would use to create cities and buildings based on parameters. Nothing new, EVSDPDT, parametric modeler we used for B52 simulators, generated cities based based on DMAC data.

Mar 2, 21 12:16 pm  · 

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