Applying for remote employment.. remotely?


Given the rise in WFH amidst the pandemic I thought I'd make this thread open-ended, but for context..

I have a US B. Arch and work experience, but since did grad school in Europe and am working there since. As far as I know my employer's not much affected despite the pandemic, but I've also been playing with the idea of also working remotely for a US office - partly to not completely lose my US connection and partly as a safety net. And I figure, due to the 9 hour time difference and a shift towards home office, this might be a possibility.

So before I start sending out feelers and getting laughed at, any thoughts as to whether or not this is feasible? Given the lockdown, plus the distance, I would be applying/interviewing remotely via video conferencing, hence the title.

Apr 5, 20 2:43 am

You have to deal with a tax, which complicates things for you and your employer. I think you need a help of an accountant that deals with international issues.

Apr 5, 20 4:36 am  · 

Yeah, I'll accept taxes would be a bit more complicated, but the experience and connections are worth it I think. But how would most employers view such an applicant? Think the general trend towards home office helps my case?


I don't think so, not sure. Latest info about viruses was shocking for our company, but it's never stopped the procecces of Structure Services for our clients. If company had been always working with staff remotely it could be a great deal. Otherwise 2014March should be relevant too


Thank you OP for bringing this question up, speaking as someone with a similar problem. I was between jobs and just about to print a revised portfolio and begin applying to places when the pandemic arrived, and right now I'm sheltering in a city which isn't known as any kind of especially good place for architectural careers. I can tell that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to move somewhere else until current conditions subside, so I would appreciate any insights from people currently in firms about how they are handling interviews etc. for new employees (if there are any) right now and what the expectations are around employees still being located in physical proximity to an office/construction sites (in places where those activities are still at least in some cases going on).

Apr 5, 20 10:19 pm  · 

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