IAAC conditional offer



I applied for the 20/21 IAAC MAA course and was proposed 'conditional off.'

And I've applied for ITECH and Aarhus School of Architecture, and I'm waiting for the results.

I received a mail from IAAC that I should pass the 'second interview' to check my English skills.

The problem is that I have to pay a 'Enrolment fee(2,500€)' to get an interview.

In the worst case, I think, I lose my money and not be accepted.

If anyone has experienced the same situation as me regarding IAAC, please advise...

Mar 19, 20 12:54 pm

The second interview should not be a problem if your English is good. Judging based off of your writing you should be fine. Everyone at IAAC speaks at a good level of English.

Currently a student at IAAC.

Mar 24, 20 2:26 pm

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