Portfolio review


Hi guys, 

I'm currently an undergrad student in the Philippines and I'm applying for internships right now.  It would be great if you guys can rcoment my portfolio.

Thanks guys

Mar 2, 20 9:37 pm

Hi, liupauled,

Firstly, i think it is an amazing achievement and show of vulnerability to put your portfolio out there. It also looks quite great. I will only say that perhaps you could run the whole thing through a spellcheck. Something free like Grammarly or there is this thing i use on bartleby that does proofreading. Both reliable. All the very best!

Mar 5, 20 5:04 am  · 
1  · 

Thank you very much! I will take note of that.


Very informative post. I really do hope and pray this stuff works! 

May 30, 20 4:53 am  · 

I really like this post.

Jun 1, 20 4:44 am  · 

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