the elephant in the room: finite element method is a BITCH


but why are we not being taught it instead of statics 1?

Jan 20, 20 7:18 am
Non Sequitur

I don't think you understand the meaning of your questions.

Jan 20, 20 7:54 am

agreed - misuse of technical terms with precise definitions


but then again for rigid frames & trusses roark's is more rigorous

Jan 20, 20 8:10 am
Non Sequitur

How many frames and trusses have you worked on?

Wood Guy

You won't be able to understand FEA until you learn structural basics in Statics 101. You also won't understand FEA unless you have had a semester or two of calculus. FEA is advanced, for complicated, real-world type applications using computer analysis. Statics is for simple problems that can be solved using algebra and trig.  

Jan 20, 20 10:25 am
Chad Miller

You all are speaking in gibberish.  Where is my structural engineer damn it.  

Jan 20, 20 10:31 am

crushed by the elepahant in the room!

Chad Miller


Image result for crushed under elephant cartoon


bc architecture firms can't afford licenses for fea software

Jan 20, 20 7:53 pm

trusses are delegated design 

Jan 20, 20 7:58 pm


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