Just a friendly reminder, CEO of NCARB made $456,000 in Fiscal Year 2017

Arch Dirt

Just a friendly reminder that NCARB is a 501c3 organization and therefore has to publish its highest salaried employees in its Form 990. This is important as they are a non-profit they are working for all of us in the United States and are benefiting from the tax exemption.

You can find this information on platforms such as ProPublica, Guidestar, or just directly on the IRS website.

For example here: 

You can view the document and page 15 is where this information starts.

Nov 30, 19 9:34 pm

Plus the benefits are probably close to his salary in value. Bet he couldn't find the coach section of an airliner. All so an architect in North Dakota can design a house in South Dakota. Where would the industry be if the state's had to come together to cooperate? 

Dec 1, 19 8:58 am

What do Partners at SOM make annually?

Dec 1, 19 9:38 am

The SOM clients feel they get a fair deal or the company would not be in business. Anyone thinks the NCARB provides a fair service to their 'clients' for the fees charged? They pretty much have a monopoly and they are abusing that monopoly. 

Dec 1, 19 10:07 am

It's worth remembering that NCARB's clients are not architects, but the State Architecture Boards that they serve, and NCARB's positions are simply a reflection of conensus among those State Boards. If you want to effect actual change in the system, your state board is the place to do it...


Silly me, I thought a client was someone who paid for a service.


Most state boards have a deeply incestuous relationship with NCARB and thus will never consider any alternatives to the status quo NCARB monopoly. This will not change until state board members are barred from accepting anything of value from NCARB and NCARB's luxurious conferences and events for state board members are eliminated.


Don't hold your breath on that!


I know. It's amazing how an non-governmental organization like NCARB has assumed de facto control over government agencies (state boards) across the USA.

Happy Anarchy

lets see all those political archinectors address this.

Dec 1, 19 11:38 am

Is it really that hard to get licensed in other states on your own?

Dec 1, 19 11:46 am

NCARB controls the ARE and IDP programs. The problem isn't getting licensed in other states, it's getting licensed at all.

One could say that NCARBhas a monopoly.


NCARB's reciprocity scheme price gouges architects, but can be avoided in at least some states I am aware of. AXP and the ARE are practically inescapable for persons seeking licensure and are very poorly run by NCARB.


A handful of states will grant reciprocity based on direct comity or endorsement of certain other states' licenses. But my experience has been that even some of the states that have an NCARB-free route in their rules will refuse to use it anymore in practice, and will tell you that it's only still on the books for the cases of the very few architects left who never had any NCARB record even of their test scores. In the states that do still allow direct endorsement or comity, some have higher fees for that route, and/or additional requirements and longer timeframes (examples: three reference letters, and an in-person interview with the board that only meets 5 times per year.) So... yes it can be pretty hard.

I remember Texas doing a big study in the late 1990s on the feasibility of pulling out of NCARB completely.  The biggest hurdles were the costs of developing, administering, and scoring their own exams, but also that nearly 100% of states that responded to their survey said that they wouldn't grant reciprocity based on a Texas-specific license or exam.

I love Guidestar. I looked up AIA National several years ago and tweeted about it. I can't remember how much Robert Ivy is paid but IIRC it's more than the CEO of NCARB.

Dec 1, 19 1:19 pm

I had to reset my password to look it up on Guidestar. In 2016 Robert Ivy was paid $641,000. That puts him comfortably in the US 1%. How many practicing architects do you think are making that?


Same for union bosses. Surprised to see everyone on archinect is realizing overregulation creates bureaucracy and state sponsored monopolies. Socialism still?

Unionization can't be used as a reason why Robert Ivy makes over half a million a year LOL.


I don't think either scenario is justified.




Centralized power breeds corruption in any scenario. Anyone see The Irishman?


I agree, unions should be more democratic in their hierarchy.

Can’t wait for the “color by numbers” Archinectors come out of the woodwork to justify the existence of the NCARB and AIA...
Dec 1, 19 3:14 pm

AIA's existence is easier to justify - it's voluntary. NCARB's isn't.


Gotta keep the barriers to entry up, otherwise we might lose the pretentious hold over an industry that we never actually had.

Dec 2, 19 12:13 pm

When architecture regulation earns you 500k a year you will probably believe in architecture regulation.  

Dec 3, 19 12:33 pm

“The only time you look in your neighbor's bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don't look in your neighbor's bowl to see if you have as much as them.”

Dec 3, 19 12:43 pm

"Now quit looking in my bowl, peasant."


Honestly though, I'm not really bothered by this. There are so many more important things to care about.


That's your prerogative. I find these sorts of things to be important canaries for folks so deep in the coal mine they rarely see birds at all.

Non Sequitur

why are you eating canaries?

Non Sequitur

As an innocent canadian wanker, I'm really not aware of the NCARB racket but if the ceo's salary is published, what % is it compared to the rest of NCARB's payroll?  How many staff?

Our arch registration is provincial-based up here and as a member, I get annual statements including payroll, membership dues, exam revenue, and other investments.  Don't have specifics on the director's take home, but there are 2.5 million (canadian loonies) spent among 30ish full time staff + students.  I wonder if that scales in line with the 500k ceo number.

Dec 3, 19 1:47 pm

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