Tech thread - Architect thread- 1/4

Our initiatives as thinkers, designers, architects, critics, educators and professionals evolve over the course of our career lives.

As a main component to each persons endeavor toward the comparative repertoire that we encourage to self procure, an acknowledgment must be made to other facets of evolutionary knowledge in advanced work effort.

Technology at the forefront placing dispensable talents in the subjective indispensable use.

The user, .... Or end user, being each category of role under the term and actual position of architecture is the vivid dispenser of progress.

Question 1:

Are our design backgrounds made to facilitate a concurrency with the order of the natural and man made environments or are they replicated to our own will?

Question 2 ( Thread Highlight):

Do future technologies and even present technologies inhibit our true transpiring ideas from flourishing into the linear perspective of human progress? Be it with more productivity and more adherences to social need but close to the need of human comfort commodity?

Please feel free and explore your ideas.
Nov 20, 19 8:03 pm
( o Y o )

when is your homework due?

Nov 20, 19 8:05 pm
I did all my homework did you?
Nov 20, 19 8:06 pm

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