Rhino / VisualARQ experience?


VisualARQ has been around as a paid plug-in for Rhino for a while now, so I was wondering if anybody has experience with using it in a professional setting?

We're looking into switching to a Rhino / VisualARQ combo, and would mostly use it for small but high-end interior renovations, (roof) extensions.

Nov 6, 19 3:35 am

Nobody, really?

Nov 7, 19 6:33 am  · 
Non Sequitur

never heard of it. 

Nov 7, 19 7:37 am  · 

A friend of mine used it in school (hacked version) and marveled at it for being Revit lite in Rhino. It eases the process of making and organizing drawings from models but I don't recall her mentioning anything about BIM.

Nov 7, 19 8:25 am  · 

we are considering rhino 6 with the visualarq plug-in as part of our workflow. the visualarq plug-in adds bim to rhino. the mac version of rhino doesn't support work sessions for collaboration yet.

Nov 7, 19 10:35 am  · 

a few of us have been using it on and off at work, but there hasnt been enough momentum built up in the rest of the team yet to deploy it fully on a project.  it is extremely powerful especially when you start figuring out how to create your own styles and templates for visualarq using grasshopper. 

Jan 17, 20 5:56 am  · 

Wouldn't invest too much into it, since Rhino 7 will pretty much become a plug-in for Revit. 

Jan 17, 20 8:30 am  · 
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Is it really? Where did you hear this?

Feb 17, 20 10:59 am  · 

Feb 17, 20 11:31 am  · 

You got it totally wrong. It's quite the reverse. Revit part is signifantly shortend in a project, thank to Rhino.Inside.

Jul 28, 21 1:23 am  · 

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