Fancy or gaming laptop for undergraduate?


I study architecture as 3rd year undergraduate and so far I’ve done all my work on a 6y. old laptop which is very limited in every aspect, also the display is a main thing to me. Budget is around 2000$.

I first can say it’s too troublesome to build a PC tower since I mainly need a Laptop. The only option for a PC is if I purchase a middle class laptop and use the rest of the budget for a PC but consider I don’t have any monitor, keyboard and whatnot.

My main question is: are fancy laptops worth the sacrifice in performance? I’m talking XPS 15 7590 or Thinkpad P1 gen2, they’re stunning laptops, amazing display (OLED as well), lightweight and they still pack a GTX 1650 and 9th gen i7 or i9.

With the same price there are options such as MSI P65, Acer ConceptD 7, with very good display options (IPS 4K) and top of the line graphics with RTX 2060

I intend to use them mainly to work with programs such as Rhino, AutoCAD, ArchiCad, Blender, Adobe programs. I do not intend to do renders on my laptop.

So deciding points to me are the overall look of the laptop, lightness, display, battery life more or less and good enough performances. 

Aug 30, 19 9:26 pm

Laptops with 120-144Hz are expensive, finding one with an IPS/VA panel is a hard task.
Having a dedicated gpu will lower your battery time, unless you can disable it when not gaming.
For the gaming performance a mobile 1050ti or better is recommended, you might have to save up more money...

The most fordable laptop with similar specs is the MSI Phantom pro with GTX 1060 (6GB),

Sep 19, 19 5:34 am  · 

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