I want to know how to start my business development with architects


I started Destiny Construction, Inc. after working last 13 years as a project manager on public and private jobs.  I specialized in DSA in public and restaurants in private.  Since the start of my new company, I am searching for ways to reach architects that I can work with for next 10 - 20 years or more.  I know people say that one should start with the architects that they know from the past projects, but I don't want to take that route.  They were my ex-employers' contacts and it doesn't feel right for me to step in their relationship.  

What would be the best way to land interviews with architects?  I really love to build, and I love to build complicated projects.  I'd love to hear advises on how I can possibly start building relationship with these great architects.

Thank you.


Aug 23, 19 5:18 pm

Your nobility, while admirable, is not shared by others in the field. Nobody will thank you for it, and you're making things harder for yourself.

Aug 23, 19 5:21 pm  · 

You may want to approach the clients that give architects the kind of jobs you are talking about. And also, why not approach the architects you like and let them know of your company's capabilities. Though architects do not have as much power over these things, they can recommend you to their clients and things may click..

Aug 23, 19 6:05 pm  · 
atelier nobody

You definitely shouldn't be shy about using contacts (other than clients) from your last job. Don't poach their clients.

Aug 23, 19 6:32 pm  · 
atelier nobody

If you want contacts for DSA work, the CASH Conference is your best networking opportunity. Unfortunately, since DSA work is always public bid, there's a limited amount of good those contacts will do you.

Aug 23, 19 6:34 pm  · 

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