Rammed earth workshop - worth it?


I'm working on a rammed earth home design and have been in discussions with Quentin Branch about attending his workshops in Oracle, AZ. Does anyone know of these and have any comments for or against attending? I definitely need to learn a lot more about this construction technique and don't think it's likely I'd walk away ready to build, but it seems like it could provide some valuable insight.

Aug 13, 19 5:26 pm

Do you have a link to the workshop? What specifically are you trying to learn? The nice things with workshops is you always walk away with something- If it's in Oracle, it'll at least be a tan.

Aug 13, 19 11:52 pm

Non Sequitur

Looks like a fun weekend thing albeit a little too hippy new-agey for me.  Side note, how well do these things perform when you have your annual snowfall is 10' or more?

Aug 14, 19 12:18 pm

There's a reason why you don't see them except for the american desert. We did some "rammed earth" in Atlanta GA at the zoo, but it was really just concrete with an interesting mix design including local clays for color.

Non Sequitur

My snow comment was not serious... We have igloos that fit that typology. 8-)


Do your due diligence to confirm that his crew actually did the work shown in the photos, and you get the hands on experience you want, but yes, for $750, if I were way closer, it looks like a fun weekend.

Aug 14, 19 12:29 pm

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