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Hi Folks, 

I am a working international since I graduated Master Degree in 2016. I have total 3 years of experience including Internships in US and Asian Countries. 

After graduation, I got an opportunity working for Design-Oriented Company but it didn't extend to a long term contract. I will be honest about the reasons: 1. my ex-employer were not stable in their business. 2. I was not a mature professional for sure so doesn't know anything other than 3D/graphic tools. 3. (Above All) Majority of companies were not willing to sponsor H1B Visa. 

So I ended up working for a local architect office fed on Education/Franchise Commercial/Industrial Facility. They had established history on that sector and had a stable corporate protocols unlike the small start-up or  boutique firm I worked for.  Also, thankfully they helped me to get H1B(so I will be okay for the next 5 years). 

So, it has been 2 years now However I am not so positive about my future here. My role is always limited to Cad drafting and never gain an opportunity to  grasp entire project, which meaning I wasn't involved in client and engineers meeting, I couldn't know timeframe of the project and switched randomly to unrelated project, PM never gave me a direct feedback for my drawings(sometimes Job Captain does redline but now nobody cares what I drew since everything will change before last minute lmao) , and I was always isolated from the main projects after CD set submission.

So, so I expected to gain more down to earth experience here, but I cannot learn how my drawing is built in the real world and how I can deal with issues in the field. I used to be always production member in-house. but now I think I am loosing my strength in both SD and CD. My career objective was getting knowledgeable about code, BS system, coordination with people... but it seems I am not learning anything just by looking at autocad drawings. I saw, and heard this is very common fresh graduate's dilemma, but I hate to just be a cad monkey and lingering in this situation anymore. 

So I started looking at new job posting but anybody can give me an advice if there is a still better way to be promoted in current office? I tried a lot but they just don't give me an opportunity because I am not native speaker and still not yet experienced. 




Aug 10, 19 1:38 pm
Non Sequitur

Find a new office to work in. 

Aug 10, 19 1:50 pm  · 

I would try to find or develop a relationship with an architect in your office who has broader exposure to different parts of projects and has a mentoring, teaching mindset. Maybe they can give you some more specific advice for your situation. I also imagine that you will probably do best finding a new job in an office with more diversity and other international architects where you won't be pigeonholed.

Aug 10, 19 1:56 pm  · 

It's important to be working with people who invest into your development while you create value for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out this way for various reasons. I think at this point it would be best to look for alternative offices. 

Aug 10, 19 3:01 pm  · 

Look for another job, I have been in offices that invested in me and in others that did not. I learned early on if they are not willing to invest in my growth then I never stuck around. Its normal for fresh graduates to take time to find the right office for them, at least you tried with this office. Time to move on. 

Aug 10, 19 4:09 pm  · 

Thank you for all comments. I will do my best finding other options.

Aug 10, 19 4:14 pm  · 

I would say look to another firm but in the meantime it wouldn't hurt to try and push as much as you can out of the pigeon hole. Navigating office structures and cultures is just a valuable skill, and good management comes and goes. I don't see why you can't shadow certain meetings or other parts of the process at your firm? Sometimes it's as simple as having a conversation with your boss about the project your working on currently and sidebar to something you see happening elsewhere in the firm that interests you. 

Aug 10, 19 4:29 pm  · 



Oops, sorry. Idk how to edit reply.


I am laid back and introverted person. Thats why I wasn't involved... I will have to change myself anyway.


Drafting is not worth your time. Pass it on to the technicians. 

Aug 22, 19 9:52 pm  · 
Have you expressed any of these concerns to senior management? Before jumping ship, which is likely difficult considering the visa situation, confer with the upper tiers of management not just the job captains and project architects. It’s easy to get pigdeon holed into drafting early in your career, especially if you’re only interacting with other rank and file employees.

In terms of the language, spend time working to improve at least your writing skills and possibly speaking skills as well. This is key to get more face time with clients, especially at a larger firm where presumably you’re competing with many native speakers. I’m not saying its fair by any means, but it is something that can hold you back from moving up the ranks. Communication is paramount when interacting with clients and engineers and language is a big part of that. Accents are whatever, but grammar, syntax etc are very important in order to be clear and concise with internal and external parties. English is really hard to master but working to improve it will only help your career in the long term regardless which firm you wind up at.
Aug 24, 19 2:35 pm  · 

I 100 percent agree. If you've served 2 years in a corporate office, there are people to listen to you. And it is enough time to build relations with HR, AP and PM. You must share your thoughts in your performance review.

English is not my first language too, but it is our responsibility to recognize our weakness and work towards it. If we want things to be done.

English is not tough, it only requires practice. Listen to your favorite English songs, read the lyrics and try to lip sync. 


Hi everyone!

My case is slightly similar to @luminol. Only difference is that i am working for a corporate architecture firm from India since 2 years. The firm's headquarter is in Virgina.  My designation is of an architectural designer- I prepare CD, DD,SD, marketing files, 3Ds and PS renderings. 

Soon i am getting married and planning to move to the US by next year. I am hoping if my company sponsors me H1  and transfers me to the US. If that happens then i won't have to take F1 route and later hunt for jobs.

Can anyone share their experience if they got transferred by their company from their home country to the US? 


Aug 26, 19 6:31 am  · 

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