Need salary advice: Germany, graduate M.Sc. with 1 year exp


As a recent M.Sc. graduate from a German uni I've been applying to positions and recently got an offer from one office, which I've accepted (but yet to sign the contract for), but now I'm being advised by different people that the offered salary is either the average for architects here or it's way too little for a large city. Given that my last salary in the US (before getting my M.Sc. in Germany) was $52k gross I'm inclined to agree, but I also realize the much lower pay in Germany. In any case here are the details:

Offer: €33k gross, 30 staff, office in Hamburg, Allplan based but switching to Revit

Me: M.Sc. (DE), B.Arch (US), 1.5 year work exp (US), exp with Revit (thus a selling point)

If any architects or hiring staff with knowledge of both US and EU standards could perhaps give their input on this, it would be much appreciated. In any case I'm not too desperate for this position, or continuing to work here, it's an equally okay option for me to return and work stateside having already gotten my M.Sc.

Jul 8, 19 11:58 pm

I think you should factor in where to you want to live. I worked both in US and DE. In the end I stayed in Berlin for personal reasons- my partner. In the end I got paid less in Berlin then my friends in NYC, but my money goes waaaaaaaaaaaaay further. On the flip side I am sure there are cities in the US where 52k can go far. 33k is a little on the low side for Hamburg I guess, but if I were you I would think about where do you want to stay and build your career, its only an entry level salary, it will go up over time. 

Jul 9, 19 4:19 am

Does the offer include any healthcare, car / travel allowance? Or profit sharing scheme and bonus etc? Perks can often offset baseline salary if they offer something that would normally be paid out of your income.

I'm a fluffy cushions and wallpaper professional, but I have input on salary / interviewing at my practice concerning all Architectural  professionals.

If the job pays enough for you to live comfortably and looks like you would enjoy it - go for it. If not, reconsider. Don't just consider pay, you'll be setting yourself up for a job that may not be as enjoyable despite a good wage and you could find that you aren't happy in the role.

Jul 9, 19 12:13 pm

Usually in Germany you get a one months pay salary as a x-mas bonus, health care is paid out of the paycheck- like a tax, and if you live at least 7km from work your work has to pay for half of your ubahn card (metro card).

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