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I think the cool part is the design and Engineering when you can figure out how it works is probably pretty awesome too but there's like a gap between coming up with the design and doing all the measurements so you can get to the engineering which I think is holding back a lot of hypothetical designs at least in my case I'd like to be able to just completely design a thing for myself but it is really tough to sit down and do all the measurements of your drawing

Apr 25, 19 12:02 pm

but if anybody doesn't have this problem if you're able to just draw on an empty site and follow it through I suggest you move to Los Angeles because you can just walk around or go in your car and walk around and you find tons of empty lots

Apr 25, 19 12:06 pm

maybe the answer is to just do things that inspire you and you'll gain energy from it stuff that you like that for example I like physics I'm getting a particle physics book maybe by the end of it I want to design something I'm working on an album with someone maybe by the end it'll require a building design

Apr 25, 19 12:17 pm
Non Sequitur

Punctuation is your friend.

Apr 25, 19 12:19 pm
Non Sequitur

So let's boil down this rambling, shall we?

  1. Design, generally speaking is not that difficult.  What is difficult is achieving good design that can also be reasonably built within the client's budget using conventional methods and materials. Basic understanding of physics, material science, and construction sequencing is key.  These last points, as your post history demonstrate, are alien concepts to you hence your obvious confusion.
  2. Why LA? Plenty of places have empty lots.  If you have enough creativity, any lot, anywhere, can be a source for theoretical design exercises.
  3. You "like" many things but understand none of them in any intelligent way. Perhaps it is time to consult your Dr. and have your medication doses revised.  As for that album, I very-much hope those fucked-up lyrics you keep posting are not what you consider music.  
Apr 25, 19 12:31 pm

instead of posting nonsense here for a year and a half, you should attend at least a community college like balkins and learn all that shit you think you know but not really

Apr 25, 19 1:23 pm

Budget and schedule. Or schedule and budget if you prefer, same thing. This drives everything. Not design and engineering.

Apr 25, 19 4:06 pm

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