nonsequitor(or any1)-how 2 calculate compression+axial moment?


a column with compression + axial moment @ compressed end.  i say nonsequitor cuz nonsequitor most knowledgable

Apr 22, 19 5:49 pm

Can you please make us a favour and abandon this forum? 

Apr 22, 19 6:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Not a bad idea.

Non Sequitur

you need to consider the Tork factor of the spindle first, then third, but only during a full moon.  Besides that, the rest is pretty much easy-peasy. 

Apr 22, 19 6:55 pm

"Axial Moment" is not a thing.

Apr 22, 19 8:14 pm
atelier nobody

Rule 34


Gravity and Lateral force reactions need to be checked independently of each other and then member sizes cross checked for applicable loading scenarios. Then again, you also have load combinations, slenderness ratios, connections, and a multitude of other things that are too complex to explain in a few sentences. 

Apr 22, 19 8:29 pm

i think it's called a monosymmetric cantelever

Apr 22, 19 9:33 pm
Non Sequitur

In contrast, for beams with mono-symmetric cross-sections (e.g., I-section with unequal flanges, channel section), the flexural response in the direction normal to the axis of symmetry is observed to be coupled with the torsional response.


in roarks stress strain 6th table 10, 6b then combined stresses

Apr 23, 19 12:57 pm
Non Sequitur


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