Great Depression Coming


It was told to me by an architect at a starchitect's firm that it's possible to design a building without a foundation.  well, it takes one to know one.  most architecture programs don't DO soils or foundations.  what's more is I got topological surveys for my area & they go to a depth of five feet.  you would think geotechnical engineers spent their time running through people's yards with their radars?  this impacts not only the role of the builder, but the role of the commissioner, unable to PICK a site.

so basically you have to for a firm 2.spend 5 years neglecting soils 3.can't do own personal projects 4. IMPENDING DAMNATION

Mar 25, 19 7:14 pm
Non Sequitur

none this shit-filled rant is accurate. Stick to violent lyrics. You’re terrible at that too, but at least you’re not posting  here. 

Mar 25, 19 7:24 pm

I thought you were in Canada anyways that might be different


Canada lacks soil.

Non Sequitur

Hey... you stay out of this Oregon.


On my side of Canada you would be screwed if you followed this.....bahahaha

Silty Clay anyone?


it is true that there are vast areas of land without any soil analysis so we have the geotechnical engineers who know nothing about building the architects who know nothing about geotechnical and the Commissioners who know nothing so we have this Triad and we have to buy land I don't know if you can survey land before you can buy it

Mar 25, 19 7:35 pm

I can't say that the cure is government because that to me is unethical but the responsibility should be on the Architects and geotechnical Engineers to pick the site and for the businessman to listen and follow the directions

Non Sequitur

We get our sites surveyed even with 2' of snow on the ground. Stop with the tin-foil nonsense.


That's what I'm saying I'm saying if it's that easy why don't we have huge maps in America showing or an interactive program would be better the soil and the depths at every single location


Virtually all has been surveyed. Look for sociolocial contraints to find your answer.


Jawknee, I think you should look at purchasing a keyboard that comes with punctuation marks. A well-placed period or even exclamation mark could really cut down on the serial-killer vibe.


Stock up on food, water, and oxygen.

Mar 25, 19 7:41 pm

I never use foundation. Sometimes some lipstick if I want a pop of color.

Mar 25, 19 7:53 pm

I've said it once, I'll say it again. I want whatever JJawkneeMusic is smoking.

Mar 25, 19 8:04 pm

I don't smoke the company that owns backwoods didn't get back to me on whether the honey backwoods actually had honey and I'm a vegan so I don't want to smoke that company in there are the only company that doesn't animals test


Chill with the Ahyuasca bro.  

Mar 25, 19 8:55 pm
( o Y o )

This thread should be a reference for

This field is filled with absolute idiots

Mar 25, 19 9:33 pm

Don't worry.  Those nice men with the butterfly nets won't hurt you.  They just want you to take those pills like the nice doctor suggested.

Mar 26, 19 7:15 am

That's offensive to psychiatric patients.


And butterfly collectors.


How about the butterflies? They're lawyering up!

Wood Guy

For residential-scale structures, just build on helical piers. They work virtually everywhere, except when bedrock is right at the surface, in which case you don't need to worry about a soil analysis. 

My state has soils maps available for free that cover every place I've worked, and they are usually accurate. YMMV.

Mar 26, 19 11:08 am

Psychiatrists are best suited to deal with great depressions, sometimes prescription drugs are helpful, sometimes it requires more time and a change of lifestyle. If you feel that is coming, maybe you can do something to stop it from taking over.

Mar 26, 19 4:48 pm
Non Sequitur

see here... some psychiatric help is certainly going to do our OP some good.


same guy?

Non Sequitur

You bet it is. scroll down the feed (don't) and you'll see the famous sketches he's posted here before.


I'd settle for a good depression... it doesn't have to be great or anything.

Mar 26, 19 5:12 pm

Have a look at @Coldwar_Steve on twitter - can confirm UK is in Depression - Steve documents life well -

Mar 27, 19 11:44 am

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