Best German cities for finding work? (asking any Germans here)


I'm an American finishing up a masters degree in Berlin, and while studying in the capital has been fun it is decidedly not a good place to find work - lower wages, lots of competition... and I'm just a bit tired of the place. I'm considering possibly moving to another major city in Germany for full time work. 

As I don't have many connections in this regard I was wondering if there are any German architects here who could advise on the working situation and demand for junior designers in different major cities, or even just the city they're working in. Also the prevalence of international firms. Personally I'm looking at Hamburg, since I'm partial towards the seaside, but I've had a nice experience in Ruhrgebiet NRW as well.

Mar 24, 19 1:21 am

I am not fully german but one city that I can suggest to work in is Munich, Munich is a vibrant and culture-filled city to live in, however, I am not in a place to advise you on what work is like as I have not tired myself. 

Mar 24, 19 6:35 am

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