I know what I want to design and I know how to design it I just don't have the motivation

Feb 1, 19 1:37 pm

If the opportunity and ability to design are both present, yet you lack the courage or brainpower to actually do it--perhaps you're in the wrong field.  However, based upon your nonsensical posts on other threads, i'm not convinced the opportunity should have ever been presented to you in the first place.

Feb 1, 19 1:45 pm

take an aderall

Feb 1, 19 1:56 pm
Non Sequitur

stick to writing shitty emo-core music.  You're not good at that either, but at least it'll keep you away for a while.

Feb 1, 19 2:03 pm
Non Sequitur

Also, you do know that this does not count as knowing how to design:

Also, the lyrics on your twitter fee are absolutely terrible.

Feb 1, 19 2:09 pm

that's the best plan that ever existed

Non Sequitur

it's a turd, just like everything else you post on twitter.


Holy crap I just realized it's "Jaw Knee" and not "Jawk-nee"

I am, however, electing to continue to pronounce it wrong in my head.

Feb 1, 19 3:27 pm

Until now, I too thought it was Jawk Nee.


Knowing how to get motivated is an integral part of the design process, without it you don't really "know how to design it".

I'd advice to go for a walk, have a wank, eat a healthy meal, exercise until you sweat heavily, take a nap, listen to Azealia Banks on repeat, in no particular order. Hope it helps!

Feb 1, 19 5:22 pm

That sounds like a great day.

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