sketch thred


errybody make a sketch & post it itt

Jan 9, 19 2:51 pm
Non Sequitur

why don't you start?  Certainly, you've honed up on your drawing skills since your last sketching thread, no?

Jan 9, 19 2:57 pm

my sketch

Jan 9, 19 2:58 pm



Can we at least spell it correctly?

It's scetch thred, people!

Jan 9, 19 6:14 pm

October 2018

Jan 9, 19 6:32 pm

o nice!

did you draw this with a pen? or thin marker?

Fountain pen, grey ink.


very nice.

Non Sequitur

I like your precision with the dots.

Dot grid paper rules.

Jan 9, 19 11:55 pm

OP clearly said errybody MAKE a sketch... not find one you made already. Work on your reading comprehension Erik.

Non Sequitur

My wife gave me a nice dot sketch book for xmas. Have not yet had the time to open it, but looks like fun.


I'm going to get some dot grid paper, thanks for the tip! I'll buy some for you too Jocknee if you send me your address.

Jan 10, 19 7:38 am

Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Too busy issuing change orders and other menial crap. 

Jan 10, 19 8:03 am

But you can sketch those change orders on dot grid paper!

Non Sequitur

Rando, I do that, sometimes.

Non Sequitur

Here's a 30-second sketch for you... Fountain pen, 6mm graphite, pantone markers.  It's more of a concept than sketch, but I'm working on a similar idea for a large painting for me dining room. 

Looks like my office scanner did not pic up the gray marker shading.  boo urns

Jan 10, 19 8:14 am

I always assumed you worked on traditional round igloos. Stacked square ones! Very cool!

Non Sequitur

yep, these ones are square, but still igloo shaped on the inside. Can't be that adventurous... plus the caribou scare easily.


Jan 10, 19 10:42 am

It's like -20c here this week.  I'm not even sure that markers work when it's that cold.

Instead, I'm on my way out the door to be yelled at by some contractors so they can save face in front of my client.   Maybe I'll try to sketch something from the site trailer. If I do, I'll post it here.

Jan 10, 19 10:58 am
Non Sequitur

was only -11C this morning but now... it's nice and toasty 0C. Going to hit -20C again soon and I saw them cleaning up the canal's ice at lunch time. Winter is here!


I belong to a winter running club. I don't mind the cold. It was about -25 last night (coldest run of the winter so far)


A conceptual site sketch, trying to balance parking while maximizing building footprint. 

Jan 10, 19 11:03 am

it comes complete with coffee stain ring. As I look around at my desk and notice that most of the papers on it have a ring or two.

Non Sequitur

I don't see any accessible stalls.


part 9 need

Jan 10, 19 2:28 pm
Non Sequitur

where is that? Parking accessibility is a municipal req thing here.


Northern Alberta.....definitely not a municipal requirement here

Non Sequitur

That checks out.


Am I going to get a bill for consulting fees now?

Non Sequitur

Ha... no need, I'm feeling generous today. I've never been north of Edmonton. Must be fun in winter.


Was -32 yesterday, supposed to -1 tomorrow and nobody has any idea how to remove snow from the streets in a timely fashion

Non Sequitur

Perfect opportunity to sketch! Capture everyone slipping on those icy pools of melting snow.

1-man espresso & beer bar
ink on yellow trace

Jan 10, 19 4:29 pm

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