Procedure of getting UK architecture license


i am a pakistani architect with 4 years experience in saudi arabia. I wanted some help in gathering the information for the uk architecture license.

Also what are the advantages for getting the license in UK. And if there’s any value of it coming back to the Middle East.

Thank you so much in advance 

Jan 1, 19 8:24 pm

I am not licensed in the UK - just in the US. However, the licensing process is a good way to culminate your education and also learn things you may not have come across while working. 

In terms terms of UK vs. Middle East experience I will say the following: 

A) Code/Zoning regulations might be totally different.

B) Permitting process is totally different

C) Language/Terminology is totally different

D) Climate is totally different - affects building envelope design and building systems

So while you might be getting design/coordination experience, you might want to consider committing to a place long enough in order to master the above so you can get paid more. Otherwise you run the risk of constantly being a novice at these very essential aspects of architectural practice and/or being stuck in schematic design 80% of the time. 

Unless you are planning on working for an international firm, going back to Saudi Arabia after getting UK license is kind of useless. 

Jan 1, 19 9:18 pm  · 

you need to contact the RIBA directly to find out what supplemental education you will be required to pass if you do not have any of the part I/II/III portions completed in the UK.

Jan 1, 19 9:37 pm  · 

Hello, I have worked as an Architect in EU, but new to UK. Could someone help me a bit? Where can I find the last edition of UK Building regulations? Would be much appreciated.

Feb 22, 21 3:04 pm  · 

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