EXAC Exam 2019 study group​



Anyone interested to forming a study group for 2019 EXAC.

It might be a bit early but I think we can set up our group and exchange mind and set up a reading schedule.

Afterward,We can set a monthly meet ups and review the progress and help each others for any question we might have.


Dec 4, 18 11:18 am
Non Sequitur

The ExACs don't require study groups.  Anyone who took their internship hours seriously should be able to pass all 4 exams... and besides this point, Canada is large (citation required) so adding a location might be important here.

Dec 4, 18 11:53 am

what NS said. This isn’t NCARB...

Dec 5, 18 12:04 am
Pere B

I am interested and it is never too early to start preparing for the EXAC.

Jan 10, 19 2:26 pm

I am interested as well. I have read similar subject threads for previous years and it is not clear what type of study groups have been made online. Facebook? other suggestions? 

Jan 11, 19 9:23 pm
Non Sequitur

See above. You don't need study groups for the Exacs... but ask around your local RAIC chapter. They might have something set up


The 'no study group' / 'no study' habitual commenters in this forum are full of BS.  It is a hard enough exam with the astonishingly limited resources and direction given in advance, which most likely ask you about things you haven't done or encountered unless you're at least 3 to 4 years in the business. Not every intern gets to do EVERYTHING in his first 1800+ hours of the job, some gets to do very little.

Any help you can get yourself can be a benefit, and there is no good reason to go through this alone. The more people you go through - the broader the perspective you will gain on the different aspects of the architectural project, and that's what it's all about.. and racing back and forth through part 9.  ;-)

Feb 21, 19 1:55 am
Non Sequitur

Results were mailed out last week, are you upset that you did not pass them all? All the resources are available to you in the workplace. It’s up to you to broaden your experience as this is not a memorization exam.

Pere B

@ Avishes..I completely agree with you..the 'no study' commenters are full of BS. If a certain group of people wish to form a study group so be it.

Feb 21, 19 6:48 am
Non Sequitur

Nothing is stoping them. It’s just unnecessary if you’re serious about your career.


NS... I vehemently disagree. The abundance of resources to study for the US exams is staggering, and the support from my firm in providing those has been absolutely profound in my development. Sure, I could try to read through 100+ pages of contracts and try to understand it on my own, and I might even get something out of it; but I'm going to get a lot more out of it if I read through it while taking part in a webinar that translates everything from 'legalise' to layman's english and provides the explanatory basis for why it is the way it is. In that sense, it actually falls into your asseration very well - the point isn't to memorize it, the point is to understand the subtext and legal basis to applying it in practice.

For whatever reason, Exac is really behind on this. Ive tried to glean a lot of info from various websites, etc, but it really doesnt appear like there is much support in helping people get to those exams. For context, I am just starting to see a lot of friend's postings about passing on social media in the last week, but its all people who were at least 2-3 years ahead of me in school. My class should theoretically passing these this year, but as far as I am aware thats not the case. On the flipside, I feel like i've accelerated my career objectives by following a lot of study guides in the US that are otherwise useless in canada.

Its not a shortcut by any means; I am spending at least 20+ hours per week going through material. But if I didnt have that, Im not sure where I would be getting it. Clearly no one in the office has 20-hours of time in a week to be preaching it to me.


To summarize: Actively studying to learn more about the practice on my own time makes me a better employee. It should be encouraged, and if resources exist to accelerate that, then all the better. Learning in a vacuum of practice can't provide all of that, just like learning in a vacuum of textbooks (with no experience) won't either.

Non Sequitur

Bench, we've had this discussion before... and I maintain that the point of these exams are not to be exercises in memorization... or even worse, the "what do I need to know to pass" type you typically get in university elective courses.

Non Sequitur

...and to your other point, I believe the onus should be placed on the intern-mentor relationship to plug in the holes. One hour of their time is certainly worth much more than you sitting through some webinar. Also, I don't want the legal parts translated. That shit is important! Also, imagine that I explained the above by somehow drawing something on a coaster. T'is the only acceptable way to pass down knowledge. 8-)


Fair enough. Fundamentally different views. Regardless, any method that promotes knowledge and advancement is one that I am all for, whatever it may be.


Mentorship is largely dead. Do you have to be a GOB member to get sketches on coasters?


And I don't know about CA but in the US you absolutely must study. It would take 20-30 years to get 'natural' exposure to the knowledge and experience you need.

Non Sequitur

what's a GOB?. Our exams are much simpler than the US ones.  2years experience with a few types of projects and seeing some construction & contract experience is often enough to cover most of the basics.  If you're doing sketchup models for 8hr a day... probably not tho.

Bench, another factor to consider is the Canadian market size... and I doubt there is enough $ available to fund study guides/groups like there have been for the last few decades in the US.  The exams are roughly 10years old and I remember them warning me when I took mine to expect that some questions were there as testers (and hence no there for any other purpose but to tests the test design).   


NS.. If it wasn't for your arrogance I would have believed you're being paid to repeat the same comment over and over again for years in this forum.  

Oh and since you asked I passed all 2018 exams, first attempt. But over the two years  before I took the exam the office I worked did all design work and almost no construction - so for the CA portion of the exam I had to study and memorize the textbook, there was no way around it. 

Also I live and work in a small town in west coast Canada  with a handful of interns and even less licensed architects that took the ExAC in resent years so it was quite the frustration to go through this alone. 

Feb 21, 19 12:15 pm
Non Sequitur

Glad you passed. There is no arrogance in my responses, just annoyance that the intent of the examination is not conveyed to interns by their mentors (and employers) during the internship period.


NS..... I completely disagree with you!

Studying for the ExAC is extremely frustrating regardless if you have long experience or not! 

There are so many items you do not encounter on a daily basis in your office even if you were the owner! 

I encourage anyone to form a study group! you'll widen your knowledge base for sure! 

Additionally, last year I took SECTION 2 with simply exam and it was worth every penny, as no one teaches the NBC. And don't tell me its the same as OBC cuz if you do, it means you don't know either!  

Good luck everyone :)

Feb 23, 19 4:13 pm
Non Sequitur

interesting... and certainly may be true for small offices in niche markets or those working in the territories, but I, and many of my peers who wrote the ExACs at the same time, had zero difficulties preparing for them. Granted this was back in the old system where we needed more hours for license. Once you're running projects by yourself, the exams are easy-peasy stuff. There was nothing in the exams I had not encountered within a year of writing them.  It's common stuff... unless they've kept the decibel addition question. That one was stupid.

As for the differences between NBC and OBC... please, I know the difference.  I live in both daily since I am based in Ottawa and the federal gov only cares for NBC.


I wrote the exams this year and did well on all of them but you DO need to STUDY. There is lots of material and work hardly covers any of it.

CHOP and

building construction illustrated are two of the most important resources.

Form study groups and talk about the topics.

Need any advice or tutoring, contact me.


Feb 24, 19 7:27 pm

I think we should go for a single Facebook group or a forum or a google drive where trainee and learner can share their learning and thesis. What say!!

Feb 26, 19 11:43 pm

I’m in. Facebook group or any type of forum. Cheers!

Mar 3, 19 6:47 pm

Hello, if there is an online / FB study group - please let me know. I would like to join if possible.

Thank you. 

Apr 9, 19 1:29 am
Non Sequitur

Everyone wants one yet no one is interested in building it. Look in your local RAIC or provincial association. They might have something closer to the exam dates.


I am interested in joining a study group in North York / Richmond Hill area. Please let me know.

Thank you

May 1, 19 10:38 am
Non Sequitur

As per ExAC's website: 

"Preparatory courses and other ExAC study aids developed and marketed by third parties have not been authorized or endorsed by the Committee for the ExAC. There is no preparation course or study guide approved by the ExAC committee." 

So there is nothing officially organized or supported. There are occasional groups that pop up within the larger RAIC circles closer to the November exam dates.

Pere B

Hello Folks, November is around the corner- anyone still interested in a study group? 

Jun 28, 19 9:42 am

I am interested. Let me know when you want to meet. North York area.

Jun 28, 19 9:47 am
Non Sequitur

Oh this again?

Hopefully you've all submitted your minimum hours already since the cut-off is today.  

Jun 28, 19 9:55 am
Pere B

EXAC facebook study group up and running, new members welcomed!

Jul 19, 19 4:23 pm

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