MS.Arch before M.Arch



Has anyone heard of people completing an MS. Arch before completing an M.Arch? I know that MS. Arch is not accredited, more searching if people have taken this route through graduate school before.

Background: Currently an undergraduate (BS. Arch) in my last year doing research with a professor of architecture/civil engineering, and the professor wants me to keep working the following year and is willing to secure funding for me to stay two more semesters. 

Nov 27, 18 12:58 pm
Non Sequitur

Do you want to work in the real world and practice architecture or do you want to stay in the security of academia?  Staying in an unaccredited degree is just delaying adulthood and entry into the professional world.

Nov 27, 18 1:39 pm

hurry up and get out there so you can design some more schlock

Nov 27, 18 10:57 pm

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