signs you're not dedicated to architecture

  • You have a partner who is not an architect.
  • You have a pet that requires daily time outside.
  • Your blood pressure is within normal limits.
  • You don't work for free.
Nov 14, 18 9:31 am
Non Sequitur


  • Partner is an educator, runs a program for for 2 to 6 year olds, mostly from low/no income and new immigrant families.
  • No pet, yet, although that'll likely change at the end of next summer. Got a 2 year old that keeps me busy, so does that count?
  • Blood pressure is dandy. I would love to increase my climbing gym commitments to trice weekly, but can't on account of point 2 above.
  • Never took anything unpaid and get OT pay for every single hour above my salary's 37.5hr/week cap.

I guess I'm not dedicated, but I'm still rocking it.

Nov 14, 18 9:57 am

My partner is a teacher as well. According to this chart, architects really like elementary school teachers

Non Sequitur

fascinating data visualization.


Sweet graphic. I too am married to an elementary school teacher.


Me too.


We should pool our resources and open up a first ever charter elementary school that offers MArch. Get registered by age 13. By age 15 become a know it all shitposter on Archinect.

I'm married to a high school teacher. It's too late by then to instill a dedication to architecture that would require you work for free and forgo having a dog. Good luck with the young mold-able minds in elementary school.


It's a job. Get over it.

Nov 14, 18 10:24 am

got it wrong, it's much worse

- you have a partner.

-you have a pet.

- you have blood pressure

-you don't work.

Nov 14, 18 10:55 am

You don't think about what kind of car an architect should drive, what kind of clothes an architect should wear, what kind of house an architect should live in, what kind of books an architect should read, what kind of music an architect should listen to, what kind of investments an architect should make, what kind of sports an architect should follow, what kind of furniture an architect should sit on, what kind of hobbies an architect should engage in, and on and on..................................

Nov 14, 18 10:55 am

"signs you're not dedicated to architecture"

1. starting topics about signs that indicate one's lack of dedication to architecture.

Nov 14, 18 11:16 am
( o Y o )

you spend an inordinate amount of time on Archinect

Nov 14, 18 11:39 am

Architecture is hard, not everyone is going to be good at it and not everyone is going to enjoy it.   I can't decide if the O.P. is looking for some commiseration or is looking for permission to be upset about the current status of their career in architecture and the correlated effects on their life.

Cheer up, buck up or move on to something else, you do not have to do one thing for your career your whole working life.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 14, 18 12:03 pm

Y'all missed the joke.

It wasn't a good joke, but still a joke.

Nov 14, 18 12:49 pm

I've always had one foot in and one foot out. I keep going cause at least it's interesting and challenging. 

Nov 14, 18 1:03 pm

Glad I’m not the only one. It seems that my coworkers are all in it for the long haul, but I’m on the fence. Still thinking about some other career or going back to school - even though I know it’s a terrible idea.


NOT a terrible idea.


I really want to be a truck driver. 

Nov 14, 18 1:06 pm

It's what I'm good at. Not what I enjoy. Not what I'm dedicated to.  There are for more important things in life for your dedication.  Architecture is a means to an end not the end itself. That would be miserable and those people are masochistic. 

Nov 14, 18 4:27 pm

You go to Trader Joe's and wonder why all the employees look so happy.

Nov 14, 18 9:10 pm

my wife makes double what I make. 

Nov 14, 18 9:41 pm

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