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i was hoping any1 would undertake a design challenge w/ me.  pick a soil, design & we'll share our outcomes

Nov 8, 18 5:33 pm

You want us to design a soil for you?

Nov 8, 18 5:48 pm

shaboomy valalatusuns


inb4 fighting a swordsman w/ a stick

Nov 8, 18 5:50 pm

I need to do some work in the garden this weekend. I'll take compost and organic fill.

Nov 8, 18 6:03 pm

Need the swell / consolidation test results; using both wet and dry samples.  Also need the liquefaction factor and plasticity index to play properly.  It'd be handy to also know the assumed depth of wetting, water-table depth and locality.

Then what are we designing?  Cool failures? Do you want a leaning tower, or maybe a seasonal heave or settlement?    How about regular flooding or lateral breaking with cracks you can stick your fist through?  Maybe have the neighborhood slowly slide down the hillside?  The liquefaction can be super-cool if you are in earthquake areas cause we make the building get sucked into the ground before it goes solid again. Cobbles, deteriorated granite & old river rock can be cool too with sub-grade flash floods. Maybe silt with 500psf max bearing..  tilted plate expansive soils are also awesome, particularly if you can put a streak of bentonite in there. Another fun is hydrocollapsible over super-expansive on tilted plate so I get both heave and settlement at the same time vertically and laterally.... 

As for organic soils... did a repair once where they used organic backfill.  So we needed to dig it out and put in structural fill.  Turns out the site was an old pauper's graveyard, so every now and then the backhoe would pull up a body part (super organic soils); also made it easy to prove the GC didn't import fills per the geotechnical report.... :P

Nov 8, 18 6:32 pm

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