How to visualize data using 3d model?


Hello guys!

I have collected data that I would like to visualize using a 3d model.

How can this be done?

Maybe there are special programs for this?

If my subject is not the appropriate section, move it , any. Kind Regards!!!

Oct 23, 18 3:40 pm

if you can afford it MS Paint. I’ve seen that name thrown around here a lot recently. 

Oct 23, 18 5:46 pm

I'd recommend glue. I find it is the best for helping to visualize anything in a 3d model. Without it the task is much more complicated.

Oct 23, 18 5:56 pm

In a 3d model you have 3 axes: the x,y and z, they can all represent different aspects of your collected data. If that data changes over time you can even include the 4th dimension: time.

Oct 24, 18 3:38 am

Use Gephi.

Oct 27, 18 4:47 pm

Use atomicuschart . Tool  work for large volumes of data (including big data) .  When visualizing data , through developed AtomicusChart ® component architecture one derives all the advantages of viewing data in 2D and 3D modes. 
You can get free trial - .

Oct 28, 18 4:43 am

Thank you so much!

Oct 31, 18 2:20 pm

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