MArch Fall 2019 Applicants' Status


Hello guys! 

It's that time of the year again. Let's share our stats, status of application, questions and decisions together.

Following information would be helpful for future applicants:

- Age/Sex/Citizenship

 - Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated 

GPA - GRE  - TOEFL scores for Int'l students 

Letter of recommendations - from whom (this can be general; employer, professor, etc.)

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio (Crits?)

Schools (results [in, out or waitlist], any $ offered, any other pertinent info) 

Open house impressions 

Results (the school you plan to attend, waitlist, rejection.)

 - Tips

Oct 16, 18 4:22 pm


Graduate School applicant here. Going from a 4+2 to a non-professional Master's program. 

Undegrad: Graduated on 2017 with a 3.67/4.0

Graduate: currently hold a 3.75/4.0

GRE: 158V 154Q 3.5A

Rec Letters: professors, employers


Schools (in order of preference): McGill, UT Austin, University of Maryland

Oct 18, 18 7:56 pm

- 25/F/US

- Undergraduate: BA in Urban Planning, Minors in Geography & Entrepreneurship from a top public school; 2015; GPA: 3.8/4.0

GRE: V 170, Q 160, W 5.0

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors (one urban planning prof who I worked for as well as took class with; one from a non-relevant department but who I had a strong relationship with) and one professional (my project manager when I started at my firm)

Personal Essay/Statement: Finally have a draft ready to start getting feedback.

Portfolio: In progress. I'm from a non-design education but I do have fine arts and graphic design experience. Contents include paintings, observational sketches, graphic design work, some GIS stuff, and maybe something from my current job if I can frame it in an information-design structure.

Schools: Still finalizing the list, but it will definitely include YSoA, Penn, GSD, Cornell, and UT 

Open house impressions: Visited Penn (not open house) and appreciated that it seemed like a genuinely interdisciplinary school. Wish I had more to compare it to. Going to UT info session soon, but probably wont be able to visit others until after apps are due.

Good luck everyone!

Oct 20, 18 11:50 am

Hi @placemaker. Did you visit UT Austin? How was it? What about the MAAD program there? its a non accredited program but I don't want to go for a 3 year MArch 2. Please let me know about it if you have visited the school! Thanks


Hey there! I did make it to one of their info sessions. Honestly, you didn't miss much... it wasn't particularly well-organized. But I still liked the school in general. There seemed to be a good breadth of opportunities, and I liked the facilities (the department is housed in some of the oldest buildings on campus. While nothing is shiny or new, studio spaces are spacious and well-lit). Their materials lab was pretty impressive. Can't say much about the MAAD program; most of the other Arch prospectives were also looking at the M.Arch, so the discussion was mostly focused on that program. If you have any other specific questions I might be able to answer, feel free to reach out again!



- 25/F/Bangladesh 

 - BArch, 2017

- 3.14

 - GRE- on December 3rd


Letter of recommendations - 3 professors from school

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Almost done

 - Portfolio - Almost done. I will definitely post for review. 

Schools- have shortlisted the following: Rensselaer, CCNY, Michigan, Miami Ohio, Taxas A&M, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, ASU, University of Arizona. 

Any suggestion or advice will be great help. Also, which I should I definitely try and skip. Thanks in advance. 

Oct 20, 18 2:20 pm

Hey what did you get on your GRE? I'm applying to USC and UCBerkeley


- 24/M/USA

 - 4 Year B.S. in Architecture / Temple University / 2017 

- 3.3 Undergrad GPA154V / 145Q 

Letter of recommendations - (2) Temple U Studio Professors; one being an MIT grad and the other being one whom I learned a lot from and worked on extra-curricular projects with. (1) project collaborator from pro-bono work.

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Have generic one drafted; still working on certain school-specific essays.

- Portfolio: Undergrad portfolio, V2 under construction with some different projects ( )

Schools (preference order): 
Pratt, MIT, IIT, GSAPP, GSD (Ivy's might be a reach)

Open house impressions: Haven't made it to any so far. Had an informal tour of GSAPP from a current student who provided insight on the logistics and mindset of going there; seems like you pay a lot for networking opportunities and to get a potential in with big name firms if you apply yourself. 

Results - TBD

 - Tips

Nov 19, 18 10:07 pm

- 23/F/Malaysia

- Undergraduate: BA in Architectural Studies, 2018, GPA: 3.75/4.0

- GRE: V 156, Q 157, W 4.5 // retaking in December

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors - 3 studios with one and 2 independent studies with the other, both were my senior thesis advisors // My on campus job employer

Personal Essay/Statement: In progress, haven't started actual writing but have drafted out my points for the generic ones. Starting to work on the school specific ones now.

- Portfolio: In progress but almost done. Mostly architectural design/conceptual projects.

Schools:  GSD, YSoA, MIT, Penn, GSAPP, SCI-Arc, UVA

Nov 20, 18 3:50 am

Hello! Is it too late now to start submitting M.arch I application of Jan 2 deadline?

Dec 27, 18 2:27 am

is it january 2nd yet?


- 22/F/China 

Undergraduate: BA in Mathematics, NYU 2018, GPA: 3.3/4.0

GRE: V 155, Q 168, W 4.5 // TOEFL waived

Letter of recommendations: 3 professors 1 from Dean 1 from studio art professor and 1 from garden history professor.

Personal Essay/Statement: Done

- Portfolio: Personal projects with GSD summer programs' projects

Schools:  GSD, YSoA, UCB, Penn, GSAPP, Pratt, UVA, Northeastern

The whole process feels like a suicidal try but I still go for this...Is there anyone who transmajor from mathematics before?

Jan 8, 19 10:53 am

Your stats look good enough for all of those schools. Being from China is a negative but as long as your portfolio doesn't suck you should get into most of those targets. But you need to work on your attitude.. suicidal try? The fuck? Work on your confidence or you will get destroyed in architecture school.


i have to disagree that 3.3 from NYU is good enough for all of those schools. how do you not get 170 Q on the GRE when you have a degree in mathematics? and 155V? that's just embarrassing.


@placebeyondthesplines, thanks for the reminder and critics. Oh, you know things happen and interestingly some of my fellow maths friends failed in getting a full mark as well. We were all wondering where we went wrong. Oh, for the GPA stuff, as I am from the Shanghai Campus, where the grades are not inflated, it was not necessarily that bad but still, very unsafe for most of the schools and I do agree these are my concerns. I was a former history student back in high school, which I also stated in my


personal statements that I am already proud of myself for being the very few who dare to take a challenge in the whole learning process.


@TrogIodytarum, would you mind telling me why it is a negative as a Chinese? Are you referring to the intense competition among a large population or poor academic reputation or something like a boring and nerdy stereotype? I think it's kind of suicidal since the acceptance rate is very low, roughly 10% I guess, however, statistically, I do agree the chance for each is either accepted or rejected, 50% v 50%. Thanks for the warning/encouragement, after being a maths major for 4 years as former history kid, I felt I have already developed a very high resilience.......


It's negative to be Chinese because there is a disproportionate amount of them applying/attending most all elite schools. Same goes for Asians and South Asians in general. Those from underrepresented backgrounds have a strong advantage due to schools pushing for the appearance of diversity and equality.

This is also the case when it comes to the job market for most firms.


“things happen” and “other schools have grade inflation” are incredibly inadequate excuses for poor grades. you’ll find that admissions committees are quite uninterested in students that can’t explain their failures more sufficiently than that.


nothing at all wrong with being chinese. tons of chinese students at the gsd/ysoa/gsaap; diversity isn't really a consideration at the graduate level. 

and fwiw, pratt and uva are great consolation prizes if you don't get into an ivy.


sadly I think you’re responding to a future northeastern student


@troglodytarum, thanks so much for the information!


@dangermouse, thanks so much for the explanation as well since it sounds pretty encouraging.


- 25/M/Brazilian

- Undergraduate: B.Arch, 2018. GPA 3.3/4.0

- GRE: 159 V / 160 Q / 3.5 W    TOEFL: 111

Letter of Recommendations - 3 professors, 1 from undergrad. research advisor, 1 from thesis advisor and 1 from study abroad university

 - Portfolio - Thesis, projects from studios and a few built projects that I was involved with during internships.

Schools - MIT (SMBT/SMArchS BT); Princeton (MS Civil Engineering); GSD (MDes Technology). Applied for UTokyo ADS but the mail company delayed the delivery and I missed the deadline :(

I am not sure if I have any chance, the whole application process (taking tests, writing letters, etc.) was way harder than I thought it would be, lol.

Jan 9, 19 9:32 am

“lol” is right, this isn’t happening.


@placebeyondthesplines; did your parents not love you as a child?


if this is your response to a realistic appraisal of vmizo's chances of getting into MIT, Princeton, or Harvard with a 3.3 GPA, pitiful GRE, and an apparent inability to even get applications in on time...that says much more about you than it does about me.


- 23/M/USA

Undergraduate: BFA Arch. Design 2019 (New York City)

GPA: 3.9/4.0

GRE: 155V / 160Q / 4.5AW

Letter of recommendations - professors from undergrad, directors in both BFA and M. Arch; all alumni/former faculty of schools applied to

Portfolio: 4 projects from undergrad architecture/urban design studios

Schools: GSAPP, Cornell, Michigan, MIT, UPenn, YSoA

Results: now we wait...

Jan 12, 19 11:43 am


 - Undergraduate B.Arch/2017 

GPA: 3.85/4 - GRE: 155V, 157Q, 4.5AWA  - TOEFL: 111

Letter of recommendations - 3 - 2 professors, 1 employer 

 - Portfolio: 2 academic projects, 3 professional projects

Schools: UC Berkeley, Cornell, GSAPP, Taubman College, CMU, Pratt 

Results: Waiting with bated breath

Jan 17, 19 2:56 am

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